Mariola Cudworth: Police Fail To Find Body Of Missing Mom, So Family Takes Desperate Measure

Mariola Cudworth, a mom of two from the town of Deal in the English county of Kent, disappeared from her home on April 29 and her family feared the worst. Sadly, the worst was indeed the news they received last week, when Mariola's body was located. But the family is upset that police were unable to find the 36-year-old known by the nickname Mika, prolonging their painful ordeal.

They had to take a strange and desperate measure, one they feel they should never have been forced into taking.

To locate their loved one, they hired a psychic. It was with the help of medium Aly Austin that they found the body of Mariola Cudworth, according to a report in the local East Kent Mercury newspaper.

"After feeling let down by Kent Police, the family of Jonathan Cudworth and myself (and some guidance from other realms) took it upon ourselves to attempt to find her," Austin wrote on her Facebook page May 12. "That attempt was successful at 20:30 last night. Mika can now be laid to rest. It has been emotional. Just glad my radar wasn't totally off."

Jonathan Cudworth, whose sister Natalie was openly critical of the Kent police in the case and who reportedly brought in the psychic, has now been charged with the murder of his wife. The couple were married two years ago.

The Kent police denied that they had used a psychic to find Cudworth's body, which was lying in a field in the small village of Eastry, Kent, about four miles outside of Deal.

"When police were notified of Mika's disappearance a full investigation was launched. A thorough search using the police helicopter, Kent Search and Rescue, police dogs and specially trained officers was conducted. In addition to this a high profile media campaign was launched in an effort to locate Mrs Cudworth," the Kent police said in a statement. "Acting on information received officers attended a field in Eastry on Monday evening and a body was located."

Natalie Cudworth, sister of the accused husband, did not confirm that the psychic played a role in finding her sister-in-law's body. But she did not deny it, either.

"All I can say is I assure you they [the police] didn't find the body," she said. "I'm sorry I can't say more on this."

But Austin said that she had formed a bond with the family of Mariola Cudworth through the ordeal.

"This started off as work... and ended with an incredible bond," she recounted. "Just grateful I could help a little at such a horrendous time."

Mariola Cudworth and Jonathan Cudworth had two children, ages 4 and 5.

[Image: Facebook via Daily Mirror]