Is Michelle Duggar Trying For Another Baby, And Will ‘Submissive Wives’ Be Her New Favorite TV Series? [Video]

Michelle Duggar And Jim Bob Duggar Trying To Have More Kids

Michelle Duggar and her husband just can’t stand the fact that their family is stuck at an odd number — the 19 Kids and Counting stars are still trying for that elusive 20th child. And speaking of Jim Bob and Michelle’s sex lives, there’s a new special set to air on TLC that the couple might consider watching together. It’s titled Submissive Wives’ Guide to Marriage, and the women on the show seem to share Jim Bob and Michelle’s view on what marriage should look like.

During a recent interview with The 700 Club, 49-year-old Jim Bob Duggar and 48-year-old Michelle Duggar revealed that they are still trying for another baby. In fact, Michelle hinted that they want more than one more by using the plural “children” while talking about their future family plans.

“We would love more children. If God saw fit to bless us and give us more, we would welcome them — just be thrilled about that.”

In the meantime, Michelle has been “counting down the days” until she gets to meet each of her “sweet grandbabies.” In the clip below, she also reveals that Jill Duggar is still trying to obtain her midwifery license even though she no longer has her apprenticeship permit.

Michelle Duggar was pregnant with a 20th child in 2011, but she miscarried on December 11. According to People, Michelle and Jim Bob were planning on naming their daughter Jubilee Shalom. Their 19th child, Josie Brooklyn, was born premature at 25 weeks, and she only weighed a little over one pound. Because she’s had problems with her last two pregnancies, Michelle could be putting her own life and that of her child at risk if she does get pregnant again.

Jim Bob realizes that they might not be able to have any more children, but Michelle Duggar is available for him whenever he feels like trying. As the Inquisitr previously reported, one of Michelle’s sex tips for daughters Jessa and Jill Duggar is to never say “no” to their husbands.

“Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls,” the 19 Kids and Counting star said.

This sounds very similar to something a woman says on TLC’s new special, Submissive Wives’ Guide to Marriage. It focuses on wives who let their husbands run their lives. According to Fox News, this includes waiting on their men hand and foot and letting them make all family decisions. Submissive wife Tara Furman tells the TLC cameras that her “job description” also includes having sex with her husband whenever he feels like it.

“It’s wrong to deprive my husband of sex so I am always available…even if I’m not in the mood,” Tara reveals in one scene.

Tara is the founder of a group called Knowing God Ministries. This may sound like an organization that Michelle Duggar would support, but she probably wouldn’t like all of Tara’s advice — it includes telling a wannabe submissive wife to dress like a “hoochie mama.”

Submissive Wives’ Guide To Marriage airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. Do you think Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob will be watching, or does it sound a little too raunchy for the 19 Kids and Counting stars?

[Image credit: Duggar Family Facebook]