Why Won’t Cory Booker Run For President? He Says He’s Aiming For A ‘Higher Office’

Cory Booker for President? He says he's aiming for a high office.

Cory Booker is well-loved, and constituents and fans have pressured him, repeatedly, to run for President. He, in turn, has repeatedly said he isn’t interested. On Sunday, he told Twitter followers some of his reasons.

Booker is often asked about Presidential aspirations, and his denials aren’t taken very seriously. You can see one example in this January clip from Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore.

The Nightly Show
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Booker has regular question-and-answer sessions on Twitter, and on Sunday, the question of a Cory Booker Presidency came up again when a follower asked if Booker aspired to any higher office. The New Jersey Senator responded, saying that, yes, he does indeed aspire to higher offices — two of them. Neither is the presidency, though.

Dashed President Cory Booker hopes aside, it’s a bit of a bombshell from a man who has worked to keep his private life private as he’s faced all sorts of rumors about his personal life. According to USA Today, he dismissed questions about his sexuality and relationships during his Senate race, saying that he doesn’t care if people think he’s gay and saying that when and if he’s dating someone, he won’t name names until it’s pretty serious.

“Because how unfair is it to a young lady to put them in the spotlight if they haven’t signed up for that yet?”

There are rumors, according to Gawker, that Booker is dating a lawyer from California — but this open talk of marriage and children is new and exciting for those who place the smart, funny, kind Senator on a certain type of pedestal. Of course, it’s a terribly sad day for those Booker fangirls who have harbored fantasies of their own futures with the former Newark Mayor.

Still, if there is any satisfactory reason for Cory Booker to avoid a higher-level political race, focusing on his own personal life, a wife and future kids has got to be one at the top of the list. President Cory Booker would be an exciting prospect — but even the best politicians deserve the choice to focus on their own lives and futures.

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