WWE News: Backstage Update On Dean Ambrose Possibly Winning WWE World Heavyweight Title At ‘WWE Payback’

While it would be a big surprise, there is at least some talk going on regarding WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose walking out of WWE Payback with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The original story that has been going on well before Dean Ambrose became involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Title match was that Seth Rollins would hold the title at least until WWE SummerSlam.

The main rumor claims are that Ambrose will turn heel soon, which would have him sort of pull a Rock Corporate move. If you recall, years ago, Mankind was played up to be the Corporation guy. There was a tournament where a new WWE Champion was going to be crowned, and Mick Foley managed to get to the end. However, interestingly enough, The Rock seemed to almost get a bye to the final. Rock was this rising babyface at the time who the people loved, but he wasn’t yet given a major singles role.

In the end, the McMahon’s turned on Foley and went with The Rock as their new Corporate Champion, allowing Rock to turn on the people and become the next big heel. Meanwhile, Mankind became the lovable babyface that people wanted to see succeed.

Unlike with Foley and Rock, both Ambrose and Rollins are totally different and in far different positions with WWE than Rock and Foley were at their time. Although Ambrose very well could do a Rock-like turn at some point, it just doesn’t seem like now is the right time for that.

In order for Ambrose to walk out as champion, he couldn’t turn heel at this point. It wouldn’t make sense for him. Rather, he has to walk in and leave as a babyface. So would a face Ambrose win the WWE World Heavyweight Title? While we could probably say no the last couple of weeks, WWE has seen the response Ambrose has been getting.

Rock McMahons

Many backstage have been taking up for Dean Ambrose and have pretty much demanded better treatment for the Lunatic Fringe. The crowd response to him is getting near the same Jeff Hardy used to get. For those unaware, Hardy would get what WWE called “rockstar ovations” in every city the company entered. Ambrose is cheered everywhere WWE goes just as much as Hardy. This is big for WWE in an era where they need to keep creating stars. However, is it good for Ambrose to win now?

Should WWE basically give up the WWE World Heavyweight Title to Ambrose in an effort to build him and create a big summer angle, or is it best to have him win Money in the Bank next month where he is almost guaranteed to win the title and hold it for a bit longer than he would this time around? The MITB option far exceeds the idea of throwing the title on him at Payback.

The main reason is that since The Authority would know that Ambrose could cash in at any moment, they’d have to keep an eye on him. Plus, think of the chaos Dean Ambrose could cause with the MITB case. On top of this, you have to continue to use Ambrose in a major way while he holds the case. Like with all MITB winners, they are put in a position where they are main event level. This is so that when they cash in, they’ll make sense for storylines.

In the end, the smarter option is to have him win the case over the title at this point. While there is talk of him winning the title tonight, we can almost guarantee that he has a good showing but does not walk away with the gold this time. However, we all know Dean Ambrose will one day win the WWE World Heavyweight Title. It just a matter of the right time for him to do so.

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