Jessica Simpson Flaunts Body In Sizzling Swimsuit Campaign: Her Diet And Fitness Plus Diet Pill Rumors [Video]

Jessica Simpson flaunts body.

Jessica Simpson flaunts her body in a new campaign for her swimsuit collection. The singer and mother of two makes it clear that she’s proud of her sleek physique as she posed for some very revealing ads, reported Fox News.

Adding fashion designer to her resume, Jessica named her spring-summer Jessica Simpson Collection line “Sedona.” Why pay tribute to the desert?

“I’ve always been inspired by the Southwest,” explained Simpson. “For our Spring 2015 campaign, my team and I packed our bags and hit the dusty trail.”

And as her fans went wild over the sizzling results, it seems that it was worth it. So, how did Jessica get that fabulous figure?

Meet her secret weapon, Harley Pasternak. The celebrity fitness trainer told Us Weekly that Jessica is devoted to her exercise regime.

Harley advises walking 12,000 steps daily, plus five minutes of high-intensity exercise such as jumping rope. Add in upper-body exercises three times each week for bodacious biceps. For the core, Harley suggests planks and the “superman” pose.

As for diet, as the Inquisitr reported, Jessica is a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, which helped her lose more than 60 pounds.

Jessica used Weight Watchers’ jump-start program, which is a low-carb diet that emphasizes unlimited non-starchy vegetables combined with lean protein. She also enjoys sugar-free desserts.

But rumors have surfaced that Simpson is using diet pills and also drinking too much, reported Music Times.

The drug that she is using is reportedly Adderall, which some celebrities use to boost their weight loss. Concerned about her use of those pills and her booze intake, her family tried to intervene, said an insider.

“The family dinner started off as a nice conversation about how she should maybe cut back on her workouts and dieting, but it turned into a heated fight. [Sister] Ashlee really called her out and told her she needed to get help, but Jessica freaked and ran out in tears. Now everyone’s on pins and needles about what to do.”

Busy with family and her career, Simpson has refused any suggestions that she go to rehab. Although many famous folks do rely on Adderall for weight loss help, it’s usually kept quiet, adding to the concern that Jessica can’t handle her use of those drugs, said the source.

What do you think about the rumors that Jessica Simpson is taking Adderall to boost her weight loss? Do you think she’s gotten too thin? Post your comments below.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images]