Brooklyn Teen Beaten, Pants Stolen At Subway Station [Video]

A 15-year-old was reportedly beaten by a mob of teenagers on a Brooklyn subway, with NSFW cellphone video capturing the immediate aftermath of the attack.

According to media accounts, the group also stole the teen’s pants, phone, and shoes and left him lying on the platform on Friday.

See embedded video below.

“According to police, around 3:25 p.m., a 15-year-old male was attacked as a train was coming out of the Broadway Junction station. At least five men assaulted him on the train before dragging him onto the platform and continuing to pummel him,” PIX 11 TV in New York City explained.

“A startling cellphone video taken during the brawl shows the teens beating their victim, then dragging the pantless teen back onto the train, where stunned straphangers called 911. The lanky teen was sprawled out in his underwear on the subway car floor as concerned commuters tried to console him and give him water, the video shows,” the New York Daily News added.

EMTs transported the teenager to a local hospital where he received treatment for injuries to his head and body. Cops have yet to make any arrests in the attack but are investigating the incident, which may or may not be gang related.

Reacting to this latest incident, a Brooklyn community advocate claimed, “What is happening nowadays is a group of teens will walk up to another group of teens, whether they be two or more, and ask what gang they reppin, then in a flash of a second the assault begins.”

Brooklyn, unfortunately, has had its share of teen-perpetrated violence on and off public transportation of late. For example, a group of male and female teens viciously descended on a man (possibly an older teen) who was trying to break up a fight at a Brooklyn McDonald’s restaurant, with the brawl captured on a disturbing cell phone video which was initially uploaded to Facebook. In a prior incident, at least five teens were arrested for a brutal beating of a 15-year-old girl. Video of the incident — in which the girl was knocked unconscious and then repeatedly punched and kicked in the head — quickly went viral.

Last month, a group of teenage girls got into a brawl with a 65-year-old man on a Metropolitan Transit Authority bus in Brooklyn.

It’s not just Brooklyn where these violent acts occur, however. In early April, a male teen knocked out cold a 60-year-old man with whom he had been arguing on a Philadelphia SEPTA train.

[photo credit: Alan Turkus]