‘Minions’ Trailer Stars A Thong-Wearing Minion, The Queen, And Sandra Bullock [Video]

Minions sporting thongs, Sandra Bullock as scheming Scarlett Overkill, and a cameo by the Queen? Sounds like the makings of the perfect continuation to the animated hit film Despicable series. Minions involves all of the expected humor and so much more.

As Moviefone relays, Minions is a cute and comical closer look at the workings of those cheeky “little yellow guys who serve evil masterminds with glee, this time focusing on their origins and where they were B.G. (Before Gru, their master in ‘Despicable’).” The flick spans millennia while the cute little creatures search for their perfect evil villain to serve. Such villains over those thousands of years include “cavemen out to kill dinosaurs, vampires, and even Napolean.” Additional evil villains served include T-Rex, Genghis Khan, and even Dracula. However, after various unfortunate circumstances, each villain becomes extinct, so to speak.

Wandering the globe after all masters have gone by the wayside, the little yellow guys go into hiding in Antarctica for a time, but then finally attach themselves and their servitude to Scarlet Overkill, played by Ms. Bullock, “who’s looking for some new henchmen to help her steal Queen Elizabeth II’s crown.” Sounds enticing!

Check out the trailer for the adorable film.

Set in London in the year 1968, the minions’ adventures are peppered with entertaining antics and hilarious events. Cinema Blend offers up its perspective of the film, soon to hit theaters.

“Minions seems to have everything going for it as far as the long-lucrative family-friendly animated archetype is concerned. Established franchise: Check. Cute, energetic little things jumping around, being funny: Check. Just enough historical and pop-culture references to keep adults awake and engaged: Check. Certainly, when one considers that 2013’s Despicable Me 2 made nearly $1 billion at the box office with $970 million, this prequel tie-in, which also serves to usher in 2017’sDespicable Me 3, seems to be as sure-fire of hit as any project that has come along.”

The Minions will hit theaters on July 10 and will undoubtedly keep movie-goers engaged and continuously entertained throughout the films duration. There have been predictions that Minions, produced by Universal, could gross over $1 billion. In addition to voice work by Sandra Bullock as Scarlet Overkill, other voice cast members include Michael Keaton and Steven Coogan.

As Cinema Blend notes, “Minions, for all their lack of comprehensible lines, serve as cute, hilarious foils to a broader, complex world that they’ll probably never truly understand.”

[Feature image via Sky.com]