Selena Gomez Says She Loves Being Scared

Selena Gomez participated in a Q&A session with some fans recently and revealed some surprising things about herself, including what her favorite item of clothing is from her new Adidas Neo line and what makes her feel the most alive.

Gomez sat in on a Google hangout earlier this month with some enthusiastic fans, who asked about everything from how she prepares for a role to what the meaning of life is for her. The actress and singer –who recently showed up in a poster for Taylor Swift’s upcoming video “Bad Blood” — answered in depth and said that although people may think she has the world in her hands, she’s had to work hard for everything she has.

“I think life is very, very, very hard and I’ve never had anything come super easy to me, no matter what people may think. We only have one life and it is very precious and there’s a lot we can do and there’s a lot we should do.”

Selena also revealed that she loves to be scared, and will put herself in positions that guarantee she’ll be terrified just for that adrenaline rush.

“I love getting scared. I find myself putting myself in situations like haunted houses or going to a haunted hospital for my birthday. Yes, I’ve actually done that,” Gomez said.

Gomez also spoke a bit about bullying — which she’s had to deal with online just recently after someone fat-shamed her on Instagram — and said it’s the one thing she would change in the world if she could.

“I would deactivate every single comment on any social media. I think that you should have an email where you can send in questions. But you should be able to post what you want, say what you want, be what you want, without anybody judging you or making you feel like your self-value is from an Instagram post or from people liking your post,” Selena said.

After a commenter wrote that the star needed to start working out and leave the junk food alone, Gomez hit back on social media and stood up for herself.

“You’re disgusting. I’M IN the business and I could care less about ‘they’ or you say I should look like. I don’t need to do anything other than love myself, take care of my work, fans, family and friends. And I do work out. It’s not your place to tell anyone what they should or should not do,” Selena Gomez wrote.

[Photo courtesy Google/YouTube]