Notre Dame Student Dies Attempting Ultimate Selfie, Falls From Joyce Center One Day Before Graduation

William Meckling, like many other college students, felt the energy and sentiment of graduation while hanging out with friends for possibly the last time during his college career. Meckling spent his last night as a Notre Dame student hanging out with friends and goofing off, while reminiscing over their journey toward graduation. During their night out on the University of Notre Dame campus, the small group gained access to the roof of the Joyce Center, where Meckling decided to take the ultimate selfie. Due to recent rain showers, the roof was wet and slippery, leading to Meckling fall to his death the day before graduation.

Police and medics arrived on the scene of Meckling's fall at approximately 3:45 a.m. on Saturday morning. Friends of Meckling ran to the nearest security guards, pleading for help, according to WNDU TV. Despite all attempts to revive Meckling, he was pronounced dead on the scene, just outside gate 7 of the Joyce Center. A preliminary investigation occurred and revealed that Meckling and his friends gained access to the roof of the Joyce Center, where Meckling hoped to take the ultimate selfie before graduation. It was then that the slippery roof made it difficult to keep his footing, and he fell to his death.

William Meckling was scheduled to graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering and was a member of the fencing team. Head coach Fia Kyaratskhelia shared a few words about Meckling and his influence on the college.

"When one thinks of the success of Notre Dame fencing, names like Gerek Meinhardt and Lee Kiefer come to mind. Yet equally integral to our team success are the unsung names, the walk-ons that bring the positive spirit, energy and camaraderie to our practices and competitions to push their teammates and themselves to greater heights. Billy Meckling was one of those teammates – an invaluable member of our sabre squad who left such a massive impact on all of us as a fencer and a human being."

Although Sunday's graduation is meant to be a joyous day for all of the graduates, a somber sense of reflection will linger over the crowd. According to WSBT TV, members from the University of Notre Dame's counseling center will be available to anyone that needs them.

An official cause of death has not been revealed at this time, however, the autopsy is expected to be completed by Monday, along with a toxicology report.

[Photo Courtesy: WNDU]