Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Cousin Claims Murder Plot Over Whitney’s Fortune, Bobbi Kristina’s ‘Vegetative State’

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s life has increasingly become like a public soap opera since January 31, when the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was found unconscious face-down in a bathtub in the home she shared with beau Nick Gordon. Now, after weeks spent first on life support in a medically induced coma followed by a transfer to a long-term care facility, Bobbi Kristina (known to her family as Krissi) has become the subject of a battle between her Houston and Brown relatives, reported Music Times.

Bobby Brown had been making the medical decisions for his daughter. He repeatedly expressed his belief that she was watching him and had improved, despite Cissy Houston’s revelation that her 22-year-old granddaughter had suffered global, irreversible brain damage and was not improving.

However, Krissi’s aunt Pat Houston, in a recent legal decision, became co-guardian with Bobby. Now Jerod Brown, one of her cousins, is attacking the Houston family. He alleges that Whitney Houston was killed and speculates that Bobbi Kristina’s situation also was planned.

“Auntie Whitney was murdered not drowned. That’s a fact. Now the whole bathroom plot shows up again w/ Bobbi Kristina’s situation. C’mon are you people that bold to try to perform this act again on my family. And the public believes whatever these people put in their faces, I mean it is convincing if you’re not on the inside. However, I will let it be known Kristina has always had suspicion about Pat Houston. Soon evidence will be handed over to assist this investigation.”

But although the other family members insist that they are doing what is best for Bobbi Kristina, it is Cissy Houston and her sons who will inherit Krissi’s $20 million fortune if she does not survive this medical crisis, reported the New York Daily News.

Although she was Whitney Houston’s only heir, Bobbi Kristina received only 10 percent of her money on her 21st birthday. The rest remains in a trust until her 30th birthday.

If she does not live until that date, the Houston relatives inherit the money. Bobby Brown initially was to receive some of it, but his divorce changed that situation.

Brown recently spoke out about his heartbreak over his daughter’s situation, as show below.

The question, then, is what the future holds for Bobbi Kristina. As the Inquisitr reported, some sources said that Pat Houston plans to bring Bobbi Kristina home and away from the sterile environment of the long-term care facility where she currently resides.

At this point, the 22-year-old’s prognosis remains grim. She still needs a feeding tube for nutrition and requires constant care for medical apparatus such as a breathing tube. But Whitney’s family thinks that surrounding her with a familiar environment might help reach through to the unconscious girl.

“They are planning to keep her in Georgia and possibly bring her back to the townhouse,” said an insider.

The townhouse is the home that she shared with Nick Gordon. But the source says it was also a home that Bobbi and Whitney shared together.

“If she’s alive, let her be home and surrounded by beautiful photos of her mom. It’s as good as it gets in such a bad situation,” added the source.

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Pat and uncle Gary Houston are redoing the home to make it comfortable and cozy for their beloved niece.

But is it possible that a medical miracle could occur in the near future? Dr. Subhashini Ramesh, an assistant professor of neurology at Georgia Regents University, told People that he feels it is highly unlikely that Bobbi Kristina could ever recover.

“If she has irreversible brain damage, it’s unlikely she will ever live an independent life and have some ability to care for herself,” summed up the medical expert.

As for Bobby Brown’s claims that his daughter is watching him? Dr. Ramesh links those to what he describes as a vegetative state.

“In a vegetative state, you can be still be wakeful but have no awareness. Your eyes may open but you remain unaware of yourself and your environment. That’s possibly what [Bobbi Kristina] is. There is an absence of any sign of conscious perception. If it goes on for more than three months, it’s called a permanent vegetative state.”

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]