‘Mad Men’ Series Finale: Where Will Don, Rest Of Cast End Up

Mad Men Finale

Mad Men comes to an end on Sunday night, and the series finale seems as if it’s wrapping up loose ends in ways we might have only been able to hope for throughout the show. Of course, not all the wrapping up of Mad Men is happy. There are even some characters who look like they’re going to finish their run on the path to dying before their time. Others appear headed off into the sunset finding the peace and love they couldn’t grasp. We’ll be discussing a couple of things that will unfold in the series finale of Mad Men and that means spoilers. If you aren’t caught up, then you probably shouldn’t read on.

Mad Men has already shown us that it appears most of the main characters are going to be heading off into a happy ending, but it doesn’t seem Mad Men creator Michael Weiner has the same ending in story for Betty. While the character has been one of the least likable for a number of different reasons, she also has been one that has been the most pitiable in the Mad Men anthology. Betty isn’t a good mother, but she was a good wife to Don, right up until she realized their marriage was over. It seemed as if she had finally found happiness, and then the cancer struck.

Meanwhile, Pete is seemingly heading in the opposite direction. After talking with his brother, the youngest anti-hero of the Mad Men cast seems to have finally realized what it is he really wants. The fact that Trudy is willing to give him another shot is obviously supposed to be a “ride off into the sunset” moment, but we have to wonder why a man who actually committed rape at one point and cheated on Trudy over and over again is worth this kind of redemption. Mad Men has always been a show that told us even bad people get the happy ending sometimes, but one has to wonder why Pete gets the happiest ending of all.

And then there’s Don being Don. There has been a lot of talk that the series will eventually end with his death. It seemed to be heading there with his run-in with the street kid who was willing to steal but it never really got close. Now that he’s literally at a crossroads, we have to wonder if he’ll find his way home, or travel off, literally, into the sunset. We’ll have to watch Mad Men‘s series finale to find out.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]