Matthew McConaughey Film Booed At Cannes

Noelle Nicholas

Matthew McConaughey's new film was booed at the 68th Cannes Film Festival. In a scenario the superstar actor has little experience with, his film was met with jokes and jeers.

Alex Leadbeater says though the film has its good moments, it culmiated in a "terrible, terrible ending."

"The Sea Of Trees isn't the out-and-out disaster that early reviews would have you believe, but there's no escaping that, after a pretty strong run of In Competition films, Cannes 2015 has offered its first dud."

The Sea of Trees stars McConaughey along with Australian actress Naomi Watts. Though the film was booed at Cannes, Matthew is not overly distraught and stands behind his decision to do the film, according to People.

"I like the film. I'm happy to be here, happy to be invited. Happy that the film got in."

Though critics booed, jeered, and laughed in the wrong moments, the film was met with a standing ovation later in the day during the official premiere. What is McConaughey's take on the mixed reviews?

"Anyone has as much right to boo as they do to ovate."

The film is about the journey of Matthew's character, after losing his wife, to a "suicide forest" in Tokyo. There he meets an injured local (Ken Watanabe) who is trying to find his way out of the forest. In taking a detour to help the man, he regains his will to live.

The stars are not too bothered by the fact that the Sea of Trees was booed at Cannes. They have their own opinions of the film and see it as an uplifting message.

Naomi Watts calls the film "a beautiful love story that was painful and tragic," states the Sydney Morning Herald.

Matthew McConaughey seems to look at the deeper life meaning within the story. He liked playing a character that was "torn between earthly and supernatural concerns."

"I love logic, I love science. I believe that we are damn well expected to have our hands on the wheel, we are the architects of our own life."

Matthew McConaughey talks new film 'Sea of Trees,' Marvel/DC and where he keeps his Oscar

— Variety (@Variety) May 16, 2015

As with any movie, the reviews of the critics do not always gel with the opinions of the audience. Though the film was booed at Cannes, it remains to be seen how well the film will be welcomed by viewers.

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