Pamphlet Given To High School Children Claims Sex Is For ‘Married People Only’

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When it comes to the touchy and often sensitive subject of teenage sex, many high schools struggle to give their students the right direction to ensure that, at the very least, they practice safe sex.

However, the Papanui High School in Christchurch, New Zealand, has a whole new take on the matter. Students were given a pamphlet claiming that sex is only meant for married couples while sex before marriage apparently makes females into “cheap prostitutes.”

The controversial and borderline offensive literature referred to an unmarried woman who has sex as “nothing more than a cheap prostitute,” while men who haven’t yet proposed to their partners are deemed to be “cowards.”

As a result of the pamphlet, many students at the school have been left dazed and confused about their sexuality.

One parent, Lydia Clark, said her 15-year-old daughter brought home the pamphlet entitled “Safe Sex” to complete homework questions on, which prompted her and other parents to make a formal complaint.

The material, which described unmarried couples as “irresponsible fornicators,” was published by the U.S.-based Bible Baptist Publications.

A section of the text reads, “Either you are married or you are not married. If you are not married, yet you have sexual relations, then you are a wicked fornicator.”

The test is also not limited to heterosexual couples as it goes on to insult gay people, alleging that “death and hell” await them for being homosexual.

In another place, the literature reads, “Sexual activity is for married people — a man and his wife — and no one else. The only SAFE sex is sex between a man and a woman. Any other form of sex is SINFUL sex. Death and Hell await those who continue in such wickedness.”

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the incident will be, with many parents suggesting that the damage is already done in terms of their kids’ sexual education.

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