Zayn Malik Rumors: Bollywood Tune, Fights ‘Islamic’ State

Zayn Malik has been a hot topic for One Direction fans because of the recent interview with the band on the Late Late Show with James Corden. However, it appears that what One Direction does or says is the last thing on Zayn Malik’s mind — if you believe the rumors.

Instead of worrying about whether or not he is going to be replaced by Reggie Watts in One Direction, Zayn Malik is focusing on India and the Middle East — allegedly.

UnReality TV states that there is a group that works against Islamic State recruiting that is name-dropping Zayn Malik. They state, “It’s been reported today that an ‘anti-terror project’ is hoping that by referencing former One Direction singer Zayn Malik in their campaigns, it will help stop the horror of young British Muslim girls being recruited to become jihadi brides.”

This quote was lifted from a subscription-only interview by The Sun U.K. around the first week of May. In The Sun U.K. interview titled, “Zayn versus Jihadis: School uses 1Direction star as role model,” former star of The Apprentice U.K., Nurun Ahmed, stated the following.

“The radicals who groom teenage girls tell them groups like Islamic State are their only hope for a future…. We need girls to know this is not true… We’ll give them examples of people they can relate to, like Zayn Malik from One Direction, to help them to understand that they have opportunities.”

Does this mean that Zayn Malik will soon be the face of all things positive about countries that have large populations of Muslims? Zayn Malik’s recent win at the British Asian Awards certainly put him in the position of being a champion for causes — but will he choose Asian-specific ones, if any?

As it appears, this idea to steer Zayn Malik into the spotlight as a positive role model for Muslims around the world has also been touted by blogs like Goat Milk. They state in their top 30 list for writing about Muslims, “Do not compare Zayn Malik to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev… Do more stories on Zayn Malik. Teenage girls love Zayn Malik.”

Unfortunately, Zayn Malik may not have time to become the spokesperson for Asian or Muslim causes in England. Instead, Zayn Malik may actually be working on a Bollywood project in London.

The National U.A.E. stated on May 12, “If rumors are true, ex-One Directioner Zayn Malik is heading to Bollywood to sing for an upcoming Hindi film, and will collaborate with singer Kanika Kapoor, best known for her hit track Baby Doll in Ragini MMS 2.”

They go on to quote insider sources to NDTV that say, “[Zayn Malik and Kapoor] are set to work on a song for an upcoming movie. They have already met to discuss the music.”

The press in India thought the rumors might be true because Kapoor refuses to make any comments about the validity of the Zayn Malik rumors. Were they right about Zayn Malik and Kanika Kapoor after all?

On May 16, Zayn Malik posted on Instagram a picture of him getting a kiss from a woman. Could this mystery woman be Kanika Kapoor? Unfortunately, Zayn Malik has few social media posts at the present (and fewer explanatory picture captions), and so fans will have to wait — but do not assume that Bollywood means India.

Rather, the Bollywood singer/actress that Zayn Malik will be working with, Kanika Kapoor, states on social media that she is from London.

[Feature image via Getty Images]