Melanie Fiona Talks New Album ‘Awake’ And Reason For Hiatus

Melanie Fiona is off hiatus and finishing her new album, Awake. Why did Melanie take a break from music in the first place? What happened?

Melanie’s music is known for its classic sound with her own twist. While she’s a musical prodigy from Toronto, Fiona had to take a break. During an interview with SkeeTV, Melanie let the world know why. Her statements are as follows.

“You know, [there were] a lot of changes, personally and professionally. And I really just made the decision that I needed to become human again. Sometimes, as an artist, you get into this robot mode and you just keep going and going.

“But I needed some experience. I needed some inspiration. I needed to take care of my health and make sure I was great — sound, body and mind. And to get some new stories to make a new album. Yeah. It was definitely a conscious decision, but I know it was necessary. And it resulted in some really great music.”

As Fiona interviewed, she clarified that, at times, you just have to take a break for yourself. It’s the same as when people go on vacation from their jobs. Sometimes, you just have to get away in order to find yourself or recuperate.

Melanie Fiona Talks New Album 'Awake' And Reason For Hiatus II
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Well, as she’s returned, Melanie Fiona’s music will retain its unique sound. While many artists are attempting to step outside the box and form a different style on new projects, she’s decided to keep to what her fans know and love. Pertaining to Fiona’s new album, Awake, she discusses it in part as follows.

“I’ve never really been an overly exposed artist. I keep my life pretty private. What I want the world to know about me, that’s what I share. And I do that through my music, mostly.

“I just figured that I always made my purpose in the music and in the quality of the art. And it’s never really been about anything else for me. So, I figure that it never expires. ‘Timeless’, ‘classic’, it never expires.

“You’re going to hear amazing music. I’ve been working with Dre, Jerry Wonder, Jack Splash… it’s been great, ultimately. And those three producers, being in the studio with them, we just have great chemistry and it’s right! The freedom to just experiment and decide…I have like so many songs, and I have to narrow it down to like, 10 to 12. I don’t know what I’m going to do. But I’m really please with the selection that I have, and I hope the fans will love it.”

With that said, Melanie Fiona seems to be set to release her new album sooner than later. What do you think about it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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