‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Update Gives Fans An Early Look [Video]

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead.

Production for Fear The Walking Dead is well underway with new developments coming faster as the July premiere draws ever closer, along with a new video that gives Walking Dead fans an early look at what they can expect from the Fear The Walking Dead spin-off series.

As with any spin-off, die-hard fans of the original series expect certain constants and they expect the story to be in line with The Walking Dead universe. Fear The Walking Dead will give fans just what they crave, but executive producer Gale Anne Hurd warns Walking Dead fans not to be too complacent in what they expect from Fear The Walking Dead. It is, after all, an entirely new concept, meaning that, unlike The Walking Dead, it does not have comic books as source material to draw from.

“Because there are so many die-hard fans, you expect a certain thing from The Walking Dead,” showrunner Dave Erickson said. “But with this new series, we want to give that sense…and then pull the rug out from under them.”

Hoping to allay concerns of fans new to The Walking Dead, Mr. Kirkman assures everyone that Fear The Walking Dead will tell its own story.

“You’d don’t need to have watched The Walking Dead to understand Fear the Walking Dead.”

Even after months of production planning and getting things underway, little is still known about The Walking Dead‘s fledgling spin-off. What is known about Fear The Walking Dead is that it is a prequel series that takes place before (living) people really know what’s going on and follows them as they attempt to adapt to the apocalypse. Fear The Walking Dead will take place in the early days of the outbreak and it seems that the show will follow one family, as they come to terms with the fact that zombies are real. The characters in Fear The Walking Dead will have to learn to accept that the undead are taking over.

It has also been reported that the storyline of Fear The Walking Dead will converge with The Walking Dead‘s timeline at some point in the future, though Mr. Kirkman has stated there will be no direct crossovers.

“We’re going to be focusing a little bit earlier. There will be hints and moments in the second show that if you go back and watch the first season of The Walking Dead will inform some of the discoveries that they had. It’s going to be cool. We are trying to form an overall tapestry of a TV universe.”

Current unconfirmed rumors place characters from early seasons of The Walking Dead appearing in future episodes of Fear The Walking Dead with specific mentions of both Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich) and Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) emerging throughout the series.

Fear The Walking Dead will air on AMC and on Hulu in July.

[Featured image: courtesy of AMC/Fear The Walking Dead]