Man Accused Of Stalking Tyler Perry Files Lawsuit, Asks For Millions

Tyler Perry Stalker sues for millions

The man accused of stalking media mogul Tyler Perry has now filed a lawsuit of his own and is asking for millions, according to Atlanta Journal Constitution.

On October 30, 2014, court documents show that Tyler Perry filed a restraining order against his former employee, Joshua Sole, 27, of Atlanta, Georgia, after he had forced his way into Tyler Perry Studios by disabling the alarm system — which he was not authorized to do — and climbing his way in through the ceiling.

When Perry’s security team found Sole, he told them he wouldn’t leave the building until he had a one-on-one with Mr. Perry.

Confused as to why his employee would go to the extreme to talk to him, Tyler was left with no choice but to call the police, and Sole was arrested shortly after. He was also fired by Tyler following the incident.

When reporters questioned Sole about the incident, he simply stated that it was a “misunderstanding that was blown out of proportion by security guards.”

However, Tyler didn’t think so. In a Facebook post, which had been deleted moments after its publication and titled “Scary Situation,” Tyler wrote,

“I don’t know what he was thinking, but let’s be clear, to do something like this someone has to be mentally disturbed.”

“At one point they thought they were going to have to call the SWAT team because they didn’t know if he had weapons. After he was arrested they searched the small office he had barricaded himself in, and he had left his headshot on the wall with a note to me saying ‘I believe in your leadership.'”

Nearly six months later, Tyler Perry’s stalker filed a lawsuit of his own on Wednesday, claiming that he was fired for “denying the sexual advances of a superior.” But not only that, Sole is suing the supervisor at Tyler Perry Studios, Brett Hendrix, for sexual harassment and emotional distress.

Sources say that Sole is asking for $60 million.

Documents state that when Tyler Perry wrote a post on Facebook about the incident, it was more than likely seen by millions of people. Sole’s issue with that is the fact that after he published the post, it “exposed [Sole] to public contempt and ridicule.”

“Defendant Tyler Perry’s actions constitute libel, and as such, Plaintiff is entitled to special damages,” the lawsuit documents stated. After Tyler posted the Facebook “Plaintiff has suffered anxiety, depression and emotional distress,” according to the suit.

Reporters have attempted to speak with Tyler Perry’s spokesperson in regard to the lawsuit, but was unsuccessful.

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