August Alsina Instagram: Shocking Blindness Confession And Eye Disease Surgery

Paula Mooney

The last time August Alsina made major news was when a fight video between Alsina and Loose Cannon Slim backstage went viral, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now August is making news once more with a shocking Instagram post that revealed to his 2.7 million Instagram followers that he is blind in one eye. The Instagram confession from August has drawn more than 200,000 likes and more than 17,400 comments.

— August Alsina (@AugustAlsina) May 16, 2015

So I have this eye disease.. Blind in my left, and losing vision in my right. In order to prevent my eyesight from deteriorating i had to do this surgery. This s*** is beyond painful & Life be throwin' a n***a curve balls but what I've gained from it all is priceless... A lot of things that are so natural to us in life (like waking up and being able to see) we can take it for granted. Thank God the OG for allowing me to see. The good the bad the ugly, I'm just glad to see.

Alsina, who came to fame with songs like "I Luv This S**t," didn't mention the specific name for his eye disease that has caused him to go blind in one eye. The photo posted showed his eyes glowing with an intense green color, as if he is undergoing laser surgery. One such eye condition called Eales disease can be treated with laser surgery, which uses the light of the laser to burn off leaking blood vessels and can be fairly successful.

Back on September 19, 2014, the health of August was in question when he awakened from a coma that lasted three days, as reported by MTV. Alsina had previously passed out while on the stage in New York City at Irving Plaza. Nicki Minaj showed him love by visiting the singer in the hospital and taking an Instagram "usie" of herself and August.

"August, u know, I'm here to save u...still praying for my lil bro. He's doing better."
"I pray 4 more better days, I know that I can feel change." #HipHop