Little Girl, Big Voice: Merideth Puckett’s YouTube Rendition Of Adele Taking Her To Nashville

It’s just a video of a little girl, leaning against the counter in the kitchen, one arm awkwardly crossed behind her back as her baby sister clowns around in front of her, wanting to be in the video, too.

That is, until that 11-year-old girl opens her mouth and begins to sing.

Merideth Puckett has competed in talent shows and performed in local county fairs, but it was a YouTube video of her belting out Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” that may have very well laid open the path to fame for the little girl with the big voice.

The video was taken by Puckett’s friend Egypt Dixon, who is also a singer. After getting permission from Merideth’s mom, Dixon posted the video on April 4th, and the views began to rack up. On Facebook, the video has been viewed more than 16 million times. On YouTube, it’s racked up another nearly 2 million views. Merideth has made headlines all over the world, from Mexico to Sweden.

And once you listen to her rendition, you’ll understand why the preteen girl has been making international headlines.

In the background, the karaoke version of Adele’s hit song plays, and despite being a video that looks as if it was recorded on a cell phone, despite the impish 5-year-old dancing around Merideth, and even despite the little boy who shows up, briefly, before putting his hands over his ears (remember — this child has a big voice!) and running off, Merideth sounds nothing short of phenomenal.

Listen to the video embedded below — it nearly takes your mind a minute or two to adjust to the fact that the voice you are hearing is actually coming from the little girl, leaning against the kitchen counter like it’s no big deal.

For Merideth, music is obviously a gift and a passion. In an email to Huffington Post, she explained what music and singing means to her.

“I love how words flow into a melody when I sing, and I just get lost in the beat.”

In addition to possessing a phenomenal voice, Merideth also plays the piano, and has started to learn how to play the guitar. The young girl now plans to couple her obvious gift and incredible passion with the attention her recording has garnered online in order to launch a career in music.

She is also in talks with a producer from Nashville, Tennessee, as well as a few people in management — all of whom are eager to see just how far Merideth’s talent can take her.

If that video is any indication, her talent can take her far.

“I plan on making music and possibly acting as part of my career when I get older for sure,” Merideth said. “It’s my dream.”

[Image via Facebook]