‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Jennifer Morrison On Hook’s Baby

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the season premiere of Once Upon A Time.

Some Once Upon A Time fans have been gossiping that Emma Swan is pregnant with Hook’s baby and Jennifer Morrison wants those Once Upon A Time fans to know that those rumors are completely unfounded.

In fact, it seems that the rumors of a baby Swan on the way has no basis through Once Upon A Time‘s episodes. Anyone who has seen Once Upon A Time‘s season four finale will recall that steamy kiss between Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), but that’s as physical as their relationship has ever been. Emma only recently told Hook “I love you.”

“For the record. Emma Swan is 100% not pregnant,” the Once Upon A Time actress tweeted to fans. “Thought I would settle that now. Officially.”

So how did this pregnancy rumor come about, when there wasn’t one clue given that Once Upon A Time was taking the pregnancy twist? According to posts made to Ms. Morrison’s Instagram account, fans began spreading the rumor based on a brief scene in the Once Upon A Time season finale.

“Such a double standard that we can’t micro zoom in on men’s stomachs while they breathe, thus causing a momentary roundness, and accuse them of being preggers,” Jennifer captioned on a picture of a man pointing to his stomach. “I am Breathing Not Pregnant. I gotta say it all keeps me laughing. I am looking forward to meeting everyone who’s coming to the an convention in Paris on June 20, 21. The love and support for ‘Once Upon A Time‘ is overwhelming in the most beautiful way. Be good to each other. And see you soon! Xx”

The rumors seem particularly confusing in light of the conclusion of the Once Upon A Time season finale, since all evidence points to Jennifer Morrison’s character going dark.

Prince Charming, and Snow will open the Once Upon A Time season premiere on a quest to obtain the dagger and gain control of Emma, before she becomes totally consumed by the Dark One and, with her friends and family joining forces to save her, it may not be long before Ms. Morrison’s character is spared Rumpelstiltskin’s fate.

Also jumping into the fray will be Merlin, who has been added to the Once Upon A Time fifth season to help save Emma and return her back to normal. There has been no mention whether King Arthur’s legendary wizard will be joining the Once Upon A Time cast permanently or if he will just be used to save Emma Swan.

Once Upon A Time will premiere in September on ABC.

[Featured image: Jennifer Morrison courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images]