Courtney Stodden Sex Tape, Charity Kerfuffle: ‘Leaked’ Tape Off To Bad Start, Cyber-Attacked?

Courtney Stodden Tape Charity

Plans for Courtney Stodden’s tape include charity donations of her $1 million fee. Yes, the former teen bride has a soft heart as a do-gooder, according to New York Daily News. However, instead of things going on without a hitch, Courtney’s “Uncovered” sex tape was allegedly leaked, thanks to hackers who had their own plans in mind.

Thursday, the folks at Vivid Entertainment, who inked a deal with Courtney after she released all rights, encountered a “Houston, we have a problem” moment. Reportedly, ahead of the debut of Stodden’s solo tape, the IT department discovered something nefarious going on; someone was trying to steal propriety code attached to Courtney tape.

Execs at the adult film portal say the attackers were likely to “bypass” the release and leak the tape using their own means. However, the department quickly pulled the plug and took it offline for about an hour until they had mission control. Now, back to that mention of charity.

Courtney Stodden, 20, once vowed never to strip down, put her lady parts on display, and produce an erotica tape. Then, she credited her mom for shying away from posing for Playboy like many before her.

“I let her do what was in her. I did not put my foot down and say you will not do this. I do not want to ever see her do pornography. I would be heartbroken and so upset. A lot of beautiful women have participated and posed for Playboy, very respectable, high-class, gorgeous women.”

However, things evolved over time and she gave into pressure and agreed to release a self-pleasuring tape through Vivid. Later, after getting cold feet, she changed her mind and had her attorney draw up a later to back out of the deal.

“I want my tape back and Mr. Hirsch needs to respond to my attorney’s demand letter to return it to me immediately. My private video’s not for sale. I don’t need the million dollars.”

Last week, Courtney announced she was releasing a tape for two reasons: charity and threats. An unnamed person was allegedly threatening to leak a private tape without her authorization. TMZ and others discounted the story because laws prevent anyone but the parties in a tape to profit from an unauthorized launch. So, on the surface, they contend that reason was flawed.

The other reason Stodden indicated was due to charity. Apparently, she agreed to forgo her lucrative fee for starring in the film and donate it to non-profits involving animals (Courtney is a “strict vegetarian” and PETA member) and efforts to assist children with cancer. Yes, she’s doing an adult video for the sake of benevolence. Go Courtney! Get busy, it’s your birthday.

Multiple sources say that even if Courtney Stodden donates her tape fee to charity, she still stands to earning bundles of money from the profits.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1]