Weight Loss Of 400 Pounds Inspired By Taylor Swift Music

Ronnie Brower’s 400-pound weight loss was motivated by his Taylor Swift music soundtrack. Now the Syracuse native seeks to share his story about going from a weight of 625 pounds to a loss of 400 pounds in two years. Reaching his goal weight of 250lbs, Brower is the inspiration of a viral video by Joe Bufano that tells of his weight loss story and appeals to meet the singer.

Explaining that “excessive drinking, eating, and pill-popping all his life” created his unhealthy lifestyle, Brower hopes his weight loss journey will inspire others.

That journey began in 2012 when Nick Murphy and Jill Rupert from Mission Fitness in Syracuse, New York, became his friends and personal trainers. Brower will celebrate his healthy journey by attending the Taylor Swift concert on June 3 in Cleveland.

After doctors warned Brower that his obesity was life-threatening, possibly giving him only ten years left to live, he made a change. With new exercise routines and heathy diet choices, Brower went from a sedentary life to making sit-ups a part of his new lifestyle.

“I just hope it might inspire more people.”

Using his Facebook page, Brower logged his challenge and made it public for friends to support his goals. That is when his former high school teacher, Bufano, began to encourage his former student. At the 400-pound mark, Bufano took Brower to fulfill his dream of swimming in a mountain lake.

His new goal to meet Taylor Swift is mostly out of gratitude for the singer’s inspirational music that kept him going.

With celebrities promoting their own healthy lifestyles, it’s inspiring to hear about Brower’s weight gain and lifestyle changes that made him lose weight in a healthy way.

Inquisitr recently covered Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez as the two celebrity moms promoting Weight Watchers and the #BeTheGirl weight loss programs. Lopez is actually launching a new product with a weight loss challenge, including grand prizes and a chance to meet her.

Will Brower be as lucky with Taylor Swift?

He still has not heard back from Swift’s representative, but social media is buzzing about the singer’s generous reputation. There is still hope she will agree to meet Brower at her concert in June.

Maybe he will get to “Shake It Off” on stage with Taylor!

(Photo courtesy of Facebook via Daily Mail)