Katherine Heigl Reportedly ‘Atrocious To Work With’ On Now Cancelled ‘State Of Affairs’

Katherine Heigl hasn’t earned herself the best reputation during her years as an actress in the Hollywood spotlight. Once demanding a paycheck of $15 million and initially being raved about as if she was set to be on par with gracious and enormously talented Julia Roberts, Heigl has continued to be the opposite of gracious and has instead been extremely demanding and hot-headed.

The Grey’s Anatomy star has been known for speaking her mind as she did back in 2007 when she called one of her only box office successes, Knocked Up “sexist.” Since then, the 36-year old declined consideration for an Emmy for Grey’s Anatomy, once again one of her only onscreen, long-running successes, because she felt “the writing for the show wasn’t good enough to elicit a nomination,” as Radar Online notes.

After a string of box office flops, Heigl found herself on a new prime-time show on NBC this past year called State of Affairs. Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy and now Scandal, and the target of Heigl’s words in regards to Grey’s writing, clearly did not take the hit from the actress well. As Fox News reported, Rhimes made it known soon after that “she’s grateful there are ‘no Heigls’ among the cast members on ‘Scandal.”’

Heigl did come forward after the fact to make a statement to Extra not only about her role on the NBC show State of Affair, but also about the reputation she has gained and the rift she has caused between herself and Rhimes.

“There’s nothing I can do about this except to sort of prove it wrong. And the only way for me to prove it wrong is for people to have a work experience with me that doesn’t speak to that at all.”

Unfortunately for Heigl, State of Affairs did not even make it beyond the first season. After getting the ax from NBC execs, an insider tells Radar that “NBC killed off four shows that were in their freshman year, but [“State of Affairs”] was the first to go.”

The insider also noted that Katherine Heigl was absolutely “atrocious” to work with over the course of the show’s existence, stating “She was demanding … and is just not that great of an actress to begin with. No one was upset to see this show go because Katherine was just as atrocious to work with on this show as she has been on past projects.”

It remains to be known as to whether cancellation of the show with such haste was, in fact, due to Heigl’s intolerable behavior on set.

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