WWE News: Former-WWE Champion Batista Takes A Shot At WWE Creative

The WWE Universe last saw Batista at the WWE Payback pay-per-view in 2014 after he lost to the Shield with his former-group, Evolution. Triple H and Randy Orton both watched as Batista quit the WWE on-camera, in order to pursue a more-extensive career in acting. Batista’s last run in the WWE was eventful, especially at the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Despite Batista’s successful movie career as of late, his latest diatribe on the WWE is what’s grabbing the attention from WWE fans. In the last year, Batista’s had choice words for WWE Creative. He’s talked about how their storylines aren’t to his liking and before he came back in 2014, he didn’t like where the company was going.

In a new report by Wrestling Inc, Batista had more-choice words about WWE Creative, but this time, about a WWE superstar.

WWE: “@TitusONeilWWE you’re everything a WWE star should be! Get out there and represent our company!! ” Titus: “Then why don’t you give me a push?’ WWE: “Sorry there’s nothing for you creatively” #sameoldbullshit

Batista also talked about his friendship with Titus O’Neil a while back, which is where WWE fans can see his alliance in a brighter light.

“I also have a really close friend, Thaddeus Bullard, who is Titus O’Neil and he’s actually a really close friend. I think there is a lot that remains to be seen from him and I don’t think they’re doing him justice, they aren’t really using him to his full ability and I’d love to be that guy that kind of brings him up to the next level, so if I could accomplish that, that would be great.”

Batista has never shied away from revealing his true feelings about the WWE. The real question is, will Batista ever come back to the WWE? There are a few conflicting reports surrounding the former-WWE champion. First, a long-time friend said that it’s unlikely Batista would ever wrestle again. Personal friends and relatives to Batista are usually good sources.

The other report is from Batista himself, which is the most-solid. He talked about wanting to come back because he loves wrestling. Batista talked to Chris Jericho, who only does WWE live events.

That’s the schedule Jericho wanted and now Batista wants that type of WWE contract too. If that’s the case, WWE fans won’t see Batista on WWE television for the foreseeable future. Then again, if the WWE told him he’d win the 2016 Royal Rumble, anything could happen.

[Image via wrestlingmedia.org]