WWE News: Big Update On WWE Superstar Neville, WWE Planning Big Push For Him?


WWE Superstar Adrian Neville, now going by just Neville, has been doing quite well since his debut the night after WrestleMania 31 on WWE RAW. A lot of fans were wondering how well Neville would transition from the NXT system to the WWE. We all knew that Neville had in-ring ability, which was never called into question. The biggest question is how he could fit in with the stars that have been on the main roster for years.

According to Daily Wrestling News, it was uncertain how well Neville would do. There was a lot of concern among those within WWE that Neville would not be able to transition well and the feeling was that he wouldn’t last long. Obviously those feelings were put to rest when Neville had the chance to show off his in-ring skills. While it is still believed that his promos need work, his in-ring ability puts him in a great position.

WWE would like to push Neville and put him into a big storyline. Right now he is said to be “under protection,” which is why he didn’t lose to John Cena during the WWE United States Championship match on WWE RAW this past week. Rusev came in to break it up, leaving the door open for Neville to have a U.S. Title shot down the line and also allow him to go without a loss to John Cena.

The protection for Neville is expected to continue until WWE can find a solid role for him to work in.

Neville is set to face off with King Barrett at WWE Payback tonight on the WWE Network. We can probably expect him to get the win over Barrett, which would be bad news for the former Intercontinental Champion. Speaking of the IC Title, there is a thought that Neville very well could be involved in the Elimination Chamber match next week to decide the new IC Champion.

While Dean Ambrose was said to be the favorite going in, we very well could see Neville surprise us with the win instead. WWE wants to push him quickly, so a good way to do that might be to give him some gold and see how well he does with it. We will have to see what WWE decides to do. For now we can only wonder what they will plan for the former WWE NXT standout.

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