‘Let Me Out!’: Horrifying Moment Atlanta Bus Was Hit By A Freight Train While Stopped On Tracks [Video]

Warning: Graphic images that may be unsuitable for some viewers.

A Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) bus was hit Wednesday afternoon by a freight train after the bus got stuck on the tracks. The transit authority has released video that shows the actions of passengers and the bus driver just moments before the collision. The bus driver can be seen honking his horn in an attempt to get a clear path away from the train before being catapulted from his seat by the impact.

Passengers in the back scream “Train coming! Let us out!” before the train smashes into the side of the bus.

My Fox Atlanta reports that the MARTA bus was hit at around 4 p.m. on Wednesday evening. The bus driver attempted to maneuver away from the tracks, but traffic prevented him from having a clear path. As a result, the rear of the bus was hit, which sent the front end of the bus swinging around into the side of the train. The video released by MARTA shows the moment of impact along with the seconds leading up to the terrifying collision.


In the first video, you see the passengers in the bus as they realize that the bus is not moving and a train is approaching. Passengers can be heard yelling “Let us out!” as the train approaches. The bus driver opens the bus doors and passengers scatter out into the street as the train makes initial impact with the bus. Passengers can be see running in the road as the bus swings around towards them.

In the second video, you can watch as the frantic bus driver honks his horn and checks on passengers in his rear-view mirror. The driver attempts to get the train off the tracks but the back of the bus is hit, which sends the front end careening into the side of the train. The bus driver is thrown from his seat as the train hits.

Though the video shows passengers being tossed about both inside and outside of the bus, everyone is expected to recover from their injuries. MARTA says that the bus driver has been placed on paid administrative leave as the incident is investigated and that a drug and alcohol test was given as standard procedure. Police are also looking to question the driver of a truck that stopped in front of the bus prior to the accident.

[Image Credit: MARTA Bus CCTV]