‘Human Barbie’ As Real As The Plastic Version: Did Valeria Lukyanova Own Up To Photoshop Abuse?

Has Valeria Lukyanova finally admitted her Human Barbie photos are fake? Not exactly, but there was a small victory for those dedicated to outing the Ukrainian Internet sensation as a fraud. According to Valeria, she had to do little touch-ups to her recent photos. She admits to color correction but apparently everything else about the pictures were 100 percent real.

“The pictures are Photoshopped to achieve smoothness and color correction. They were not high quality. I had to edit them in order to correct the defects of the phone picture.”

The 29-year-old originally posted the photos on her Facebook page to show off a more toned look. Lukyanova said that it was her goal to look more like an Amazon woman. Perhaps she took inspiration from Gal Gadot?

Following an alleged attack on Halloween, the Russian model went on a several month hiatus. Now, Lukyanova has reappeared, showing off abs and a more toned body. “Since [the night of the attack], I decided to seek not just relief,” said Valeria. “[I desired] good and strong muscles like a female warrior.”

While it’s probably true that the Human Barbie is a bit more muscular than she was previously, asking members of the public to believe her new photos are genuine (aside from minor touch-ups) is a tall ask. Needless to say, Valeria wasn’t too happy with people calling her out about the authenticity of her new photos.

“Beautiful people are often envied. That’s why negativity does not surprise me. Instead, it touches me.”

Yes, Valeria feels pity for her critics and haters who she believes are calling her photos inauthentic simply because they are jealous of her body. She also finds it funny, but troubling that athletes themselves are calling her out about sharing images of her body that are doctored. Criticisms aside, she feels that her “strength has increased” since being attacked in the fall.

“I think, without exaggeration, that I can cope well with a man [in a fight], if I was again someone dares to attack. Now I have the strength to rebuff. And that’s just the beginning.”

It’s worth noting that some critics of the Human Barbie were skeptical that she was actually attacked; some went as far as accusing Valeria of using the alleged incident as a cover for plastic surgery. This is an accusation that she has firmly denied.

What do you think of Valeria Lukyanova and the photoshopping accusations? Why would someone go through so much trouble to look perfect in photos? Comment below!

[Image Credit: VICE]