Teacher Meth Lab: 38-Year-Old Elementary School Teacher, Husband Had Met Lab In Home

A teacher running a meth lab out of her home in North Carolina has been arrested. According to the New York Daily News, 38-year-old Lori Riley Whitley and her 41-year-old husband, Gary, have both been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and child abuse, amongst other things. Their 8-year-old son, who lived in the home, has been placed in the custody of the Department of Social Services. The two did not have any other children.

The arrests were made at the couple’s home in Zebulon, about 24 miles east of Raleigh. Police obtained a search warrant for the home, but it is unclear how they were alerted to the possibility of illegal activity.

“The couple was booked into the Johnston County jail. Lori Whitley was held in lieu a $157,500 bond and her husband was booked on a $207,500 bond.”

The teacher running a meth lab out of her home has been suspended with pay from the Wendell Elementary School. She has worked as a third-grade teacher at the same school since 2002. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the school district is conducting its own investigation, and the administration has chosen to keep Whitley on paid leave pending the results.

Many feel as though Whitley should have been fired from her job immediately. Do you?

Those who know Mrs. Whitley had no idea what she had been doing when she was at home. It is unknown how long she and her husband had been running this operation or who they were selling their home-manufactured drugs to (if anyone). It is also unknown (only presumed) whether or not the two were using drugs themselves.

A neighbor said that the arrest was “unreal” and called Whitley a “good lady.” He did say, however, that he noticed a “strong chemical odor” coming from the Whitley’s home recently. If this was the first time the man had smelled this, it suggests that the meth lab may have been a more recent endeavor for the couple. Police are still working the case, and more details are expected to be released at a later time.

According to ABC News, it is unknown if either Lori or Gary have obtained an attorney. They are due in court in the coming weeks.

[Photo via Fox 8 / Twitter]