‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Rockstar Editor Used To Recreate ‘Breaking Bad’

'Grand Theft Auto 5' Rockstar Editor recreates 'Breaking Bad' scenes

The Grand Theft Auto 5 Rockstar Editor has been a virtual playground for would-be directors. Ever since its release to PC, the controversial franchise entry has consumed hours of gamers’ time.

GTA 5 was also doing that before it even came to the new consoles.

A certain Vince Gilligan production has done the same thing to TV fans, even converting some who ordinarily don’t watch TV. Breaking Bad was so successful that it helped renew the careers of stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, and is even now seeing a prequel series in which Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks reprise their roles.

As Game Informer says, it was only a matter of time before the game and the TV series collided, and the Grand Theft Auto 5 Rockstar Editor has given one YouTube channel owner the tools needed to do just that.

GTA 5 and Breaking Bad have more than just fame in common. They also both feature a character who “cooks” methamphetamines for the big bucks. Although Trevor Philips and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) are in the same business, where they differ is their methods. Trevor has no problem testing the product himself while Walter refuses to do more than produce and sell.

The next paragraph or so contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad all the way through, you might want to stop reading and skip the video.

YouTuber LioN KoLLA starts his tribute to Breaking Bad with a scene of an RV speeding down a desert road before crashing. Next the RV is seen with smoke coming out of it as a rock tune plays and some lighting effects are used to show a time lapse.

Some infamous scenes included in the video are the confrontation between Walter and Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz), and Walter’s revenge on a rich man’s car at a gas station. Other scenes include Walter running over a couple of Gustavo Fring’s (Giancarlo Esposito) henchmen, and doing doughnut maneuvers in Walter Jr.’s car instead of bringing it back to the dealer.

Which scenes were your favorites from the homage to Breaking Bad created with the Grand Theft Auto 5 Rockstar Editor?

[Image via YouTube]