June 29, 2017
Amber Alert For Baby Abducted In Carjacking

Police have issued an Amber alert and are desperately searching for 16-month-old Ayden Casteels, who was reported missing this morning after the young boy was involved in a carjacking.

According to ABC News, the baby was abducted from a Howard Johnson motel in Romulus, Michigan, around 2 a.m. The boy, along with his mother and her boyfriend, were returning to the hotel after getting something to eat. Ayden's mother, Marianne Casteels, describes the scenario that led to the carjacking and abduction, resulting in the Amber alert for her missing son.

"I pulled up to get out of the car, and I seen a gentleman, and I thought it was strange. So I went to close my door but by the time I closed my door he was already at my door. He grabbed me by my arm and told me to get out the car and ripped me out the car, and I tried to chase after him and by the time I got off the ground he was gone with my son."

Understandably distraught, Marianne had a difficult time speaking while keeping the tears at bay. Her sister took over the interview with an update on the status of the Amber alert.

"No, we haven't got any new information. We just saw the Amber alert was issued and they're just out looking at this point."

The suspect is described as a thin black man, estimated to be in his 30s, around five feet ten inches tall, and wearing dark clothes, reports Fox 17.

Ayden Casteel, the young child for whom the Amber alert is issued, is a white boy with brown eyes and brown hair. He was wearing a red and black checkered shirt with short sleeves, black jeans, and teal Nike Jordan shoes.

The baby is reportedly with the suspect in a red 1997 Saturn two-door vehicle with Michigan license plate ACU559.

The Amber alert has been in effect since around 5 a.m. this morning. Police are asking everyone to stay on the alert for this missing child, and if you see the suspect or little boy or have any information regarding the Amber alert, to call 911 right away.

[Image via Click On Detroit]