‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers: Meredith’s Journey, April And Jackson, And More Teased

Grey’s Anatomy aired the finale of Season 11 this week, and fans were left with some big questions at the end of the episode. One couple had a big celebration, but fans were left wondering about the status of other couples on the series.

The couple causing the fans the most distress after the finale is April and Jackson. She told him she wanted to go back overseas, and he told her that she could go. However, if she went, it would mean the end of their relationship. After Richard and Catherine’s wedding, April was seen crying as Arizona tried to comfort her. Jackson was off celebrating his mother’s big day.

Sarah Drew spoke out about the place April and Jackson were left with Entertainment Weekly, and fans have a right to be worried.

“We haven’t actually broken up. We’re left on the precipice. He’s given me an ultimatum that gives us room to figure out what’s going to happen next season. I think this is the first of many conversations. I don’t see it as a total breakup, I see it as they’re definitely in a really, really rough situation. I don’t think that it’s the nail on the coffin for them. He says if you go, we’re done, but April still has to make a choice, so that’s where—I guess—we’ll pick up next season, but [Shonda Rhimes] could make a different choice.”

Sarah Drew revealed that Shonda Rhimes and her staff of writers are currently working on Season 12 story. The writers will work through the month of May before taking off June. The cast will return to work in July.

As for Catherine Avery and Richard Webber, they did tie the knot, and fans will see more of Debbie Allen next season. She is also playing a bigger behind the scenes role as well. She has joined the series as an executive producer, and she will direct during Season 12, according to Entertainment Weekly. She has directed several episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in the past, and she will direct several episodes next season.

The other surprise of the finale was Jo and Alex. They finally said “I love you” to each other, and Jo bought them a home after Alex was put on the spot by Meredith. He could not say no to her request to move back into her old home, but it is time for Jo and Alex to settle down. Alex is ready to settle down.

Camilla Luddington spoke about Jo and Alex with The Hollywood Reporter, and she teased a bit more about the pair.

“In that time-jump episode, I got so many tweets about him proposing! I don’t know if it puts pressure on him. I think Jo and Alex are moving in a very similar pace within their relationship. I don’t think Jo is wanting to have kids immediately; she’s not expecting to get a ring. If it happens at this point, I’m sure she would say yes because obviously she’s crazy about him. I don’t think there’s pressure there, but who knows! It would be great to see some wonderful, epic proposal on Grey’s Anatomy. But knowing Alex, he’ll have a pizza delivered and the ring will be in the middle with a pepperoni on top or something! It will be a very Alex and Jo way of proposing.”

Luddington would like to see the pair engaged by the end of Season 12, but she has no idea if that will happen.

Right now, not much is actually known about the upcoming season. It is known that Season 12 will not be the last season. That was revealed during the ABC Upfronts. However, it is the end of Ellen Pompeo’s contract. Could Meredith be the next to exit?

Zap2it did propose an interesting theory about Meredith’s journey next season. Her life has very much mirrored her mother’s life, and her mother developed Alzheimer’s early in life. That has come up a lot during Season 11.

Could Meredith have the disease hit her during Season 12? Shonda Rhimes was asked about the possibility earlier this year, and she would not comment.

In addition to the current staff of the hospital, a new batch interns will add their own stamp to things next season.

A premiere date for Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 has not yet been revealed. What do you think? Are you excited to see what happens next to the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

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