Belligerent, Drunk Stranger Repeatedly Offers Young Girl Candy On Subway — Until Her Dad Intervenes [Video]

In the world we live in, many tragic incidents have occurred as a result of seemingly innocent gestures by those with ulterior motives. For example, many, many years ago people would actually leave home without locking their doors, and trust their neighbors to watch their homes.

Now many people refuse to leave home for five minutes without setting their alarm system. Everyone takes precautions, which is why random acts of kindness tend to capture so many hearts.

So, when one drunk stranger offered candy to a young girl, you can only imagine the possibilities her father may have considered. Now, footage of his response to the seemingly disturbing gesture has gone viral.

On Friday, May 15, a video of a confrontation between a belligerent, drunk stranger and a concerned father surfaced online via The two appear to be riding a subway when the drunk guy repeatedly offers the young girl a candy bar. Based on the footage, it appears the girl is sitting in front of her father on the subway, but unfortunately, the drunk guy is sitting directly across from her. Although she’s never really seen in the video, he just keeps talking and offering her the candy bar.

At first the father appears relatively calm. It’s obvious that he’s trying to ignore the drunk stranger’s belligerence, but when he becomes persistent about his daughter taking the candy, the situation gets ugly really quick.

As the one-minute clip continues, the father’s patience wanes and he goes ballistic on the drunk guy. He immediately jumps out of his seat to approach him.


“I’m asking you not to talk to my got d*** daughter! Talk to somebody else! Man, you’re drunk, you’re belligerent! Take that s*** somewhere else!!

Although he raises his voice to make his demand clear, he makes no attempt to resolve the confrontation with physical force. Once the drunk guy sees the father means business, he finally backs down. Luckily, the drunk guy finally conceded, because the situation could have gotten much worse.

What do you think about the drunk stranger’s offer? Just a kind gesture or not? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Screen Capture]