Another Teen Brawl Erupts At Brooklyn McDonald’s [Video]

A group of teens viciously descended on a man who was trying to break up a fight at a Brooklyn McDonald’s restaurant, with the brawl captured on a disturbing cell phone video which was initially uploaded to Facebook.

Yesterday afternoon’s incident in the Flatbush Avenue area happened about four miles from a Brooklyn McDonald’s where a March brawl made national headlines. In that prior incident, at least five teens were arrested for a brutal beating of a 15-year-old girl. Video of the incident — in which the girl was knocked unconscious and then repeatedly punched and kicked in the head — quickly went viral.

In this latest encounter, a fight seems to develop between two teenage girls. When a man, perhaps an older teenager, apparently attempts to be a peacemaker, a co-ed group of teens immediately attack him.

“The unnamed man, seen in the video wearing a white shirt, tried to separate two girls as they were pulling one another’s hair and throwing punches on the floor of the fast food restaurant while a crowd of onlookers did nothing, appearing to even enjoy the horrifying incident. That is when the man filming the fighting called over another man, and a group of teenagers jumped the bystander,” the Daily Mail reported.

The person heard on the video doing something equivalent of a play-by-play at one point shouts, “they wilding in here” and later yelling, “kill him right now” as the melee spills outside the restaurant.

By the time cops arrived, the mob had dispersed, and no one was taken into custody. One woman was transported to a local hospital for treatment according to WPIX channel 11 in New York City. The good Samaritan apparently refused medical attention, however. The NYPD is investigating two formal assault complaints filed as a result of the melee and is examining surveillance footage of what happened.

The videographer of the brawl reportedly posted a message on Facebook that read, “They put that old man in the hospital, I feel bad for telling them to kill him.”

In a development unrelated to this most recent McDonald’s brawl in Brooklyn, actor James Franco recently penned an op-ed praising McDonald’s for giving him a job in Los Angeles when he was down and out as a struggling acting student and when he lacked any significant work experience. “All I know is that when I needed McDonald’s, McDonald’s was there for me. When no one else was.”

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News]