WWE Rumors: Injury Causes Huge Star To Be Pulled From ‘Payback’ And TV Tapings — Is He Done For Good?

Fans want nothing more than to see a healthy Daniel Bryan able to wrestle and compete and entertain them. Unfortunately, he’s now had to relinquish titles for two straight years and sit out an extended period of time due to injuries. Many have wondered how long this latest injury would keep him out of WWE action, and it appears as if it will be much longer than anyone thought.

According to WrestleZone, Daniel Bryan has now been officially removed from both the Payback event on Sunday and TV tapings for next week by WWE.

Even though Bryan relinquished the Intercontinental Title this past week, WWE had still listed him as appearing at both Payback and next week’s Raw and SmackDown. Instead of just appearing in a non-wrestling role, he has been pulled so he can focus on physical therapy.

With him being completely taken from those big events, WWE is not going to rush him back to risk any further injury to him. The question now is if he will ever return to the ring or if he’ll be brought down to a non-wrestling role.

Now, unless Bryan is totally healthy or needed to promote a DVD or book, don’t expect him back on WWE television at all.

It appears as if WWE is already preparing for that possibility, and that’s with him being named a judge/coach on the new Tough Enough. Along with Hulk Hogan and Paige, Bryan will be considered the panel of experts to judge the newcomers.

daniel bryan injury tough enough

After being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Title last year, it was thought that Bryan would get an extra surgery that he needed. It was actually one that a lot of people thought he would need, but he never ended up going through with it.

There’s been no word on whether Bryan will get the surgery now or not, but many in the company are said to feel extremely bad for him. With his popularity at an all-time high, having to give up the WWE Title and Intercontinental Title in consecutive years is devastating for him.

Without surgery, Daniel Bryan is rumored to have to be out at least two months. If he gets surgery, Bryan could likely be out until at least the Royal Rumble event in January, but that is merely speculation at this time.

WWE doesn’t want to give up on Daniel Bryan as he’s easily one of the most talented and most popular superstars in the company. Many are hoping for the best, but being totally pulled from Payback and next week’s TV tapings is not a good sign at all.

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