Child Molester Confronted By Victim, Footage Of Epic Confrontation Goes Viral [Video]

One child molester was recently confronted by his victim, and now footage of the shocking confrontation has gone viral. However, the overwhelming response to the video isn't because the victim prevailed. Unfortunately, it's due to the baseless, lack of remorse on the child molester's part.

The two-minute video shows the victim, Matt Lauzon, approaching the alleged child molester, identified as Mike Mckeown, in his front yard. Then, to make matters worse, the accused child molester reportedly lives across the street from a little league baseball field where innocent children play everyday. With the video camera rolling, Lauzon approaches the man who allegedly turned his childhood into a nightmare.

Based on the footage and description for the video, Lauzon only wants one thing from Mckeown -- an apology. But, unfortunately, Mckeown adamantly refuses, because that would mean he'd have to admit to the crime he committed. Although his denial comes as no surprise, many viewers were taken aback by his insensitive rebuttal.

Here's the video description via LiveLeak.

"I just saw Mike Mckeown and asked him to apologize for sexually abusing me as a boy. He still lives across the street from the West Biddeford Little League field. As I walked away he said 'this is why you're dad deserved to die.'"
As the victim continues to threaten the child molester, his level of frustration visibly increases. At one point, Mckeown even threatens the victim, insisting he'd call a local news station to tell them about his "situation." When Lauzon asked Mckeown to offer clarity about the unknown "situation," he never responds.

*Warning: Video contains explicit language and content that may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.*

Instead, Mckeown pushes things a step further and threatens to call the police. But, the threats don't stop Lauzon from seeking the retribution he desires. When he takes a more specific approach with the wording of his question, surprisingly, he gets an admission -- or so it seems.

Mckeown finally admits that he was sexually involved with Lauzon, but insists he consented to the sexual act at the age of 18. However, Lauzon argues he was only 13 or 14 and did not consent to any type of sexual activity with Mckeown. At one point, Mckeown actually said, "I'm not sure if I raped you," which definitely raises questions about the validity of Lauzon's accusations. As the confrontation continues, it's obvious Mckeown is embarrassed because his neighbors become visible in the background and appear to be aware of the argument. Unfortunately, Lauzon never gets the apology he asked for, and then the video shuts off.

The disheartening footage of the confrontation has left many viewers disgusted and outraged. But surprisingly, it has also sparked an usual debate. Of course, viewers have called Mckeown every name like "scumbag," "douche-bag," and "pervert" imaginable, but there are some who actually insist Lauzon was well aware of what was happening to him as a young teenager. At this point, many viewers have actually accused Lauzon of being homosexual and unable to deal with his sexuality. However, that doesn't mean Mckeown wasn't wrong if Lauzon was underage when the sexual acts occurred.

Who do you think should be blamed -- Mckeown, who is accused of child molestation, or Lauzon, the alleged victim? Share your thoughts

[Image via LiveLeak Screen Capture]