Atomic Wedgie Death: Brad Davis Pleads Guilty, Says ‘Fight Went Too Far’

An ex-Marine expressed remorse for giving his stepfather an atomic wedgie two years ago. Brad Lee Davis entered a guilty plea Monday and said he never meant to kill Denver Lee St. Clair during a fight. On the wedgie death, he said things went awry and the death was accidental, according to a Washington Post news update.

Davis, 34, appeared in a hearing Wednesday as part of proceedings to determine the length of his prison term — if any. Based on an affidavit submitted to the court, the atomic wedgie death took place after a night of drinking. Reportedly, the defendant claims St. Clair “swung first” and he fought back to defend himself.

However, after the fight, St. Clair stopped breathing. It was at this time that the Oklahoma man called 911 operators. When authorities arrived at the scene, his stepdad was already dead. Investigators spoke with Davis and believe the two fought when St. Clair spoke “ill of Davis’ mother.” An attorney claims his client had been bullied by the victim all his life.

A medical examiner’s report showed that the dead man had blunt trauma on his face and his “elastic underwear waistband had been stretched up over his head.” The man died apparently by strangulation from the wedgie and multiple bodily injuries. Blood on the floor showed a struggle took place. Initially, Davis said the two simply fought. However, police found evidence to refute his claims. Sheriff Mike Booth weighed in.

“We continued our investigation and uncovered evidence that led us to believe that this was more than just a fight.”


The turning point to the death probe from the atomic wedgie occurred when Davis’ cellphone was searched. Officers managed to uncover disturbing photos of St. Clair lying on the floor in a “smear of blood,” as the affidavit read. Moreover, other images showed the man with his underwear pulled over his head before and after he expired. Authorities believe someone — likely Davis — tampered with the death scene.

By pleading guilty to a lesser charge, the man avoided harsher sentencing: life in prison or the death penalty. Instead, the plea allows a judge the option to impose a sentence of up to 35 years behind bars. Prosecutors are seeking maximum penalties under the law.

The atomic wedgie death is disturbing on many levels. And sadly, it’s rapidly becoming part of pop culture, having been popularized by shows such as Saturday Night Live and Sienfeld. But in this case, police believe death from the atomic wedgie was not simply the result of a prank or life lesson, as the man originally claimed.

[Photo via Crimefeed]