Midnight Run 2 is a Go, De Niro Signed On, Ratner To Direct

Back in an interview in 2010, Charles Grodin was asked by Deadline.com of he would consider coming back to the silver screen to reprise his roll in a Midnight Run sequel. Grodin said he would entertain the idea.

Two years later and Deadline.com is reporting that Midnight Run 2 is a go. While Grodin is not signed on yet, De Niro is back and signed up for the role.

The first “Midnight Run” was released in 1988 and followed the adventures of bounty hunter Jack Walsh (De Niro) and his prisoner, Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas (Grodin), an accountant who embezzled millions of dollars from a mobster. The beloved buddy comedy earned $81 million worldwide, and was on the receiving end of some great reviews.

Roger Ebert had written a three star review in 1988 saying,

“‘Midnight Run’ is not a formula movie, because the writing and acting make these two characters into specific, quirky individuals whose relationship becomes more interesting even as the chase grows more predictable,”

The sequel would, at the very least follow Jack Walsh on another adveture. Grodin has not had a role since 1994, and is really unlikely to revisit his role as the Duke.

If it wasn’t enough for you that De Niro was tied to the movie, it’s director may seem to be a bit of a surprise… Brett Ratner.

Whether the controversy magnet — who resigned as the Academy Awards producer last year after uttering a homophobic slur — has room on his schedule for the sequel remains to be seen. In addition to “Midnight Run 2,” Ratner has been linked in recent weeks to adapt “I Want My MTV” (about the beginnings of the music channel) and “Hercules,” an actioner with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Would you go see Midnight Run 2?