Bravo Reality Star Lisa Vanderpump Reacts To Peter Madrigal’s Interview About Stassi Schroeder: ‘I Like It’

Bravo reality star Lisa Vanderpump has responded to a recent interview, during which her manager at SUR Lounge, Peter Madrigal, laid into former employee, Stassi Schroeder, who was recently fired from Vanderpump Rules.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Madrigal confirmed Schroeder’s exit from the Bravo reality series during an interview with TMZ earlier this week. Speaking out about the Bravo reality series moving on from the fashion blogger, Madrigal revealed it was Schroeder’s negative comments about Vanderpump, which ultimately cost her the role.

“Stassi’s not coming back for season four. She dissed Lisa. She dissed everyone from Bravo. She called Lisa an ‘old woman.’ I don’t know what the f— her problem is. She can go f— herself at this point.”

During an interview on Sirius XM, Schroeder said, via Perez Hilton, “[Lisa], like, doesn’t like me. I don’t understand what her problem is. [She’s] like an old woman, why does [she] care what I’m doing?”

In response to Schroeder’s distasteful comments about the woman who put her on the map, and reportedly prevented her adult film from being leaked, Madrigal was furious.

“I’m upset about it. Ever since Lisa pulled me over and told me what Stassi Schroeder did, I saw like, ‘You know what? Screw that girl.'”

While a previous TMZ report had claimed Vanderpump had grown tired of Schroeder’s bad behavior, and noted her exit from the Bravo reality show as “mutual,” Madrigal hinted at otherwise.

“I don’t think it was mutual. She just has a big head now, and I’m kind of like, ‘Whatever.’ Once you start a war with Lisa, then we are done.”

After re-tweeting an link to Madrigal’s TMZ interview about the Bravo reality star’s firing, Vanderpump shared her thoughts.

Bravo reality star Vanderpump had a right to be upset about Schroeder’s behavior, and so did Madrigal. No one close to Vanderpump wants to see anyone treat her poorly, especially someone who she’s done so much for.

Without Vanderpump, where would Schroeder be? The former Bravo reality star certainly wouldn’t be recognizable, and it’s safe to say she wouldn’t have a popular fashion blog, or a podcast.

One would think someone in her position would be more grateful for all that Vanderpump has done for her career.

No word yet on when the Bravo reality show will begin airing new episodes.

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