Justin Bieber Goes Shopping, Dines, Hikes, Parties With Model Jayde Pierce: Dating?

Justin Bieber Visits Comedy Club After Shopping, Dining With Model Jayde Pierce

Justin Bieber was all smiles when he met fans before and after visiting the Laugh Factory comedy club on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on Saturday night.

The impromptu meet and greets came after other eagle-eyed fans spotted the heartthrob browsing around the Beverly Center shopping mall in Beverly Hills with model and make-up artist, Jayde Pierce, earlier that day (May 16). More on that below.

Several Justin Bieber fans took to twitter to share shots and posts about their experiences with the “Where Are U Now” singer last night.

Twitter user @Alan tweeted that he asked the 21-year-old for a photo outside a restaurant that the singer was leaving. Apparently, the Biebs declined, explaining that he had to take the girl (Pierce) he was with “safely” into a waiting car.

But, as it turned out, Alan and his crew didn’t come away empty-handed. The celeb spotter tweeted that he later saw one of Justin’s security team parking and noticed that the Laugh Factory was nearby. The club is known as one of the Canadian’s regular haunts.

Around 40 minutes later, the fans’ patience was rewarded. According to Alan, Justin left the comedy venue riding his new IO Hawk and “rolled right up to” the crew. The fans claim Justin asked where they had all been before asking if they wanted snaps.

“He was so nice he actually stayed and had a conversation with us for around 5 minutes!” Alan tweeted.

Candid pictures of Justin with the Beliebers popped up online later.

Moving on to Jayde Pierce, 19. The Brit, bi-racial beauty may or may not be romantically with Justin.

A fan who spotted the pair at the Beverly Center tweeted that she overheard an employee telling other staff that the singer bought fragrances and donated to an unspecified cause.

While describing herself in her Twitter bio as a Twitter bio as “commercial model, makeup artist and youtuber!” Pierce may have spent time in the Taz Angels’ house in Miami. If so, she allegedly left earlier this month.

Pierce posted an Instagram video of herself at the house days ago.

For her part, in a reply to one enquiring fan on Twitter, Pierce said that she only visited the Taz Angels house but was never an angel.

No doubt, Hollywood Life among others, are already spinning scenarios and citing dubious “sources” while claiming X and Y about Pierce.

The website hit the headlines this past week, after Bieber’s pal Hailey Baldwin slammed it as “absolutely disgusting” for falsely claiming that she, the singer, and mutual pal Kendall Jenner are involved in a sexual “love triangle.” The site’s never-ending production line of Selena Gomez-Jelena-Justin Bieber stories can likely also be viewed as fabricated.

Whether or not Justin is dating Pierce isn’t yet publicly known, but he did recently confide to Seventeen magazine what he wants in a future girlfriend, as and when that time comes.

He explained, “In a girl, I want someone who’s confident in herself and honest. I have to find her very attractive and as someone I can see myself with for the rest of my life.”

On Sunday, Justin posted two pictures of himself and Jayde, taken in Runyon Canyon that morning. Pierce also shared one of the photos at her Instagram account.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

The model posted Snapchat footage of herself and the Biebs on their hike, which quickly made its way onto YouTube.

Later on Sunday, the possible new couple were photographed strolling through a park in Beverly Hills eating snow cones, and at the Penthouse Day Club party in West Hollywood.

Justin Bieber

Inevitably, some of Bieber’s fans’ online comments towards Pierce have been abusive and hostile, despite the Biebs’ declared single and of age status. The model subsequently took to Twitter to defend herself from those attacks.

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