Jon Gosselin: Hannah Custody Battle Erupts In Wake Of Kate’s Alleged Abuse

While his ex-wife jet sets with her new rumored boyfriend, Jon Gosselin is focused on his 11-year-old daughter, Hannah. According to Us Weekly via Yahoo! News, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 reality television star is vying for full custody of his preteen daughter on fears that her mom is mentally and physically abusing her.

Inquisitr has not independently verified the latest news about Jon and Kate’s alleged custody battle, but unnamed sources to the weekly claim things have been bubbling for a while and finally erupted since their split. Jon is reportedly focused like a laser to get full custodial rights to their daughter. And Hannah is smack in the middle of the impasse. @PopCulturePsyck toot your horn :)

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According to In Touch, Gosselin, 38, took matters into his own hands by taking “emergency custody” of Hannah without an order from a court with jurisdiction. Unnamed sources say Jon took the young girl away from Kate to live with him for four days when he learned of possible abuse. And the mom of sextuplets went reportedly went ballistic.

“Jon will be filing a petition to modify custody, and if he gets it, he’ll be contacting TLC to put a stop to filming. Hannah doesn’t want to film but Kate is making her, and she’s not the only child who has no interest in being on the show.

“Hanna [sic] recently said she didn’t want to go home to her mom because she can’t take the cruelty anymore. She was so afraid of her mom that Jon became concerned and called Children and Youth Services and filed a report — and he took emergency custody of Hannah.”

Similar stories have cropped up over time about the ex-spouses’ parenting differences of opinion. Jon has long-held that he thinks the children are being exploited by their mom. He maintains that the children are not happy about being forced to be around cameras day in and day out.

This partly explains why Jon Gosselin wants custody of Hannah and taping of Kate Plus 8 stopped. Nonetheless, his former wife denies any of his charges. She claims the kids embrace their lifestyles and she doesn’t force them into anything; all decisions are made “as a family,” as she said during an interview with Today last year. Then, her twin daughters, Cara and Mady accompanied her, but when the host queried them about their lives, they were tight-lipped — in a moment of awkward silence.

Kate appears to have gotten her groove back. As sources report, Mama Gosselin and her supposed new millionaire beau, Jeff Prescott, have been spending time together. The two were snapped recently in Philadelphia over dinner and at a local casino. His ex-wife has even given the rumored couple her blessing.

Unlike his ex, Jon doesn’t appear to have any romantic developments worthy of breaking news. Last year in an interview, he said he was simply trying to get to know Jon Gosselin. And after going through a series of financial hardships, he’s simply trying to stay gainfully employed and become the best father to his eight children.

“I’m dating myself right now. I don’t even know myself… I’ve always been with a woman. There is no real relationship [with Kate], like we don’t talk. [Co-parenting is] just not working at this point in time. I think we both wanted different things. I wanted to settle down and kind of get off TV for a while… and she wanted to further her career.”

It’s unknown how Kate and Jon Gosselin’s legal battle with their daughter will turn out — assuming the rumors pan out. Meanwhile, do you think Jon should be granted full custody of Hannah?

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