Bill O’Reilly Blasts New York Times’ Charles Blow For False Accusations

Bill O’Reilly never likes when he is misquoted and he didn’t hold back Thursday evening on his show when talking about New York Times reporter Charles Blow, who wrote about O’Reilly’s alleged hatred towards poverty-stricken individuals.

“Charles Blow, who writes for the New York Times, put forth another deceptive column about the incident. Using out-of-context information provided by the smear website Media Matters, Blow accuses me and Fox of denigrating helpless individuals in a cruel and callous way.”

Mr. O’Reilly goes on to accuse Blow of actually knowing very well what he was doing in order to participate in the smear campaign. O’Reilly repeats that he has largely blamed parents for the rise in poverty. He goes on to talk about how many in poverty grow up in single-parent homes. Bill O’Reilly also praises Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” program that is used to counter the cultural problems within poor communities.

Poverty isn’t the only thing Bill O’Reilly is being criticized about this week. Several websites have spoken out against O’Reilly accusing hip-hop music of helping people turn their backs on Christianity. Stereo Williams of the Daily Beast isn’t very happy with the Fox News anchor.

“The scapegoating of hip-hop has been going on for as long as hip-hop has existed; and the scapegoating of popular music in general stretches back to the early 20th century. But O’Reilly’s ignorance in this particular matter isn’t merely another example of an old guy complaining about ‘these kids and their crazy music.’ It reeks of racist revisionism.”


O’Reilly’s stirring the pot appears to benefit him — even after almost 20 years. When looking at ratings at Zap2It for last Wednesday and Thursday, Bill O’Reilly averaged 2.36 million viewers per night for his Fox News show. O’Reilly’s closest competition on Fox, Megyn Kelly, averaged 2.14 million viewers per night. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow averaged 714,000 viewers, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper averaged a paltry 488,000 viewers.

Bill O’Reilly’s ratings have been high all year. Back in February, The Hollywood Reporter even noted how O’Reilly’s ratings were high, despite the controversy surrounding his alleged lies about being in a war zone.

Despite all his critics, Bill O’Reilly has gone on to become an executive producer of a film called Killing Jesus, which scored high ratings despite terrible reviews. O’Reilly has also been the executive producer of a Fox News series titled Legends & Lies. Even though Megyn Kelly’s ratings are inching up to his, it’s doubtful that Bill O’Reilly will be retiring anytime soon.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]