UFO: Photographer Captures Fleet Of 14 ‘Baton-Shaped’ UFOs Over Madrid Skies


An Irish photographer, Karl Jennings, claims he captured on camera a UFO fleet over the skies of central Madrid in Spain late in 2014.

According to Mirror Online, Jennings said he photographed the “’14-strong fleet’ of baton-shaped UFOs” at around 5 p.m. on October 27, 2014. Jennings claimed that the photos were never digitally altered. He also insisted that what he saw over the skies of Madrid were definitely not birds or planes.

He told Mirror Online that the fleet of UFOs was visible in the sky for up to 90 seconds before they disappeared behind tall buildings.


He said the UFOs appeared to perform acrobatic maneuvers in the sky, flipping and rotating as they flew across the sky silently. They also had very bright lights and appeared to be illuminated on one side.

“[They] cruised with the illuminated facet facing down. They sped up, rotated length-wise, flipped on their ‘backs’ and had lights so bright they bleached out the broadest daylight.

“There were no wings, no audible sound, no propellers, no finned-empennage, no smoke, no contrails. My best guesstimate is that they were at an altitude of 8 kilometers, some 3-4.5 meters in length each.”

Puzzled, Jennings consulted photography and aircraft experts. They were unable to explain the sighting, but agreed they were not birds.

As part of effort to confirm or rule out the possibility that they were planes, Jennings snapped a photo of an Air Berlin jet using the same camera settings. He snapped the photo about 20 minutes after the UFO sighting, according to Mirror Online.


The photo is shown above for comparison.

Although, the photographer said the UFOs had no wings, the photo of the UFOs (see above) under various degrees of enlargement could be interpreted as showing wings. Judging from the appearance of the objects in the photo, they could have been drones.

But, of course, we are assuming that this is not a prank.

Can you identify the objects from the photos? Share your thoughts below.

[Images: Karl Jennings via Mirror Online]