Ciara’s ATL Lap Dance Fail Begins With Boots To The Face

Ciara's ATL Lap Dance Fail Begins With Boots To The Face

Though Ciara’s lap dance routine has been successful several times, it seems that she didn’t get it right during her ATL show when she kicked a fan in the face.

As fans rave about Ciara’s new album, Jackie, the music star is touring with a few songs. During one of the songs, Ciara gives a lucky fan a lap dance. Throughout Ciara’s tour, she’s been successful in landing a particular part of the dance. However, during this performance in Atlanta, Georgia, Ciara’s act didn’t go too well.

As can be seen from the video via Entertainment Tonight, while lifting herself from the floor onto the guy’s lap, Ciara kicked him in the face.

It’s rare that anyone would be turned on after having boots served to the face. Yet it’s a possibility that this guy still managed. After the kick, Ciara continued her dance as if nothing happened out of the ordinary. Some people think that she was too drunk. While Ciara’s moves are known for their preciseness, she was definitely unbalanced as the attempt became a fail.

Yet there are other videos from Ciara’s Jackie tour where she performs the lap dance moves correctly. If you look at those, you’ll see how it was actually supposed to play out.

What are your thoughts about Ciara’s lap dance fail? Was she drunk?

[Photo Credits: YouTube]