Maroon 5 Drops Song Of The Summer: ‘This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf***er’

Maroon 5 debuted their new single, which is reported to become the biggest song of the summer. The band’s new song is the appropriately titled, “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf***er.” Adam Levine and his band premiered the song this morning on iHeart Radio stations across the country.

The song features Adam Levine singing about an attractive woman he sees partying around town. He does add that although the woman is beautiful, she’s not the smartest woman in the world. Levine can’t seem to resist her though. The singer goes on to compare this mysterious woman to the hottest season of the year. Charming.

Levine hints that he’s going to spend time with the woman all summer long, even if she’s going to ruin the summer for him. It doesn’t stop the crooner from chasing her anyway.

Maroon 5’s new song appears to be getting good reviews from the media. It hasn’t stopped some people from being baffled by Levine’s lyrics. At first listen, it can be confusing to figure out what the song is really about. Once Maroon 5 fans read the lyrics, they will finally understand that it’s unsurprisingly about a woman. It’s unknown if the song is based on one of Levine’s many romances.

Check out the lyrics for Maroon 5’s hot new single below. Adam Levine explains why his summer is going to suck for him.

“Her body’s hot / Her body’s like the summer / I’m in a trance or something / Her mind is not, no / As sharp as all her diamonds / She must be smoking something / I see her dancing in the streets / Sipping champagne on the beach / So expensive when she eats / ‘Cause she’s so fancy /I see her when I go to sleep /I check my phone when I am weak / She never posts anything deep / ‘Cause she’s so fancy.”

This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” is a new sound for Maroon 5. It shows them experimenting with more of a pop/alternative rock or stadium rock sound. Levine’s voice even sounds slightly different in the song. The front man even takes a break from the mic and allows the band to sing “This summer’s gonna hurt like a motherf***er.”

It’s already been reported to become the biggest song of the summer. It’s no surprise since the band has been doing well with their last single “Sugar.” The song currently holds the no. 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. As for the iTunes charts, the single fell to no. 69.

Maroon 5 also released the lyric video for “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” on Friday. The video features a mashup of people falling down and hurting themselves while partaking in various summer sports and activities.

Both the clean and explicit versions of “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” is already available on iTunes. Maroon 5 will play their new single on NBC’s The Voice on Tuesday, May 19.

For now, you can give “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” a listen in the lyric video below.

What are your thoughts on Maroon 5’s new single? Do you think it’ll become of the biggest songs of the summer?

[Images: Christopher Polk/Getty Images]