Andrew Keegan Arrested: '90s Teen Heartthrob Arrested For Selling Kombucha [Update]

Lindsay McCane

Update: The communications director for Full Circle recently contacted the Inquisitr to explain that Andrew Keegan was not arrested during the Kombucha Raid discussed in this article. In fact, Full Circle states that only the individual selling the Kombucha Dog was cited by authorities, and no arrests were made. The spiritual center also provided the following update about the situation on its official Facebook page on Saturday (May 16).

"This ‪#‎KombuchaRaid‬ situation is surreal, and yet so poignant to the lack of consideration from our authorities. ‪#‎BrendonGlenn‬ lost his life in an altercation with ‪#‎LAPD‬ last week because people were 'complaining' that he was panhandling to get food for his dog - and within a couple days, another 'complaint driven agency,' the ABC, is conducting an undercover investigation on our space to bust us for serving kombucha at a sober fundraising event. We hope you will join us tomorrow and support the benefit concert/fundraiser for BRENDON GLENN - something in our community that is worth talking about."

The original article is below.

Andrew Keegan, '90s teen heartthrob, was arrested last Friday after he was busted by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for selling Kombucha at a fundraising event put on by his Full Circle spiritual center in Venice, California, Fox News reports.

Keegan, who made headlines in 2014 for starting his own religion, said he was unaware that it was illegal to sell Kombucha, which is a fermented tea drink that contains small amounts of alcohol, usually between one-half percent and one percent.

"Traditional kombucha is a fermented tea that may be over 0.5% alcohol. Instead of weakening our product with water and other additives so it can be sold to people under 21, Kombucha Dog is brewed undiluted, creating a pure, full strength kombucha — the most potent on the market," the Kombucha Dog's website states.

"Kombucha is something we'd never imagine to be an illegal substance, and it's frustrating the system has that perspective," Keegan said. "We're certainly taking full responsibility for co-creating the event. We try to put our best foot forward. We wanted to raise money for Sea Shepherd as a community; that's how Full Circle operates."

Keegan, who is best known for his roles in 10 Things I Hate About You and 7th Heaven, and the event organizations were issued a citation by ABC agents after they witnessed the drink being sold without a license.

"We're a complaint-driven agency, so when someone notifies us about what might be an illegal activity, we respond to it," said ABC Special Agent in Charge Will Salao, according to Argonaut Online. "They were cited for a misdemeanor for selling alcohol without a license."

Salao went on to explain that one-day licenses are often issued, however, Full Circle had never applied to receive one.

"They may be a complaint-driven agency, but we're an intention-driven organization and our intentions are pure," Keegan said.

"Part of our spiritual practice is that we serve kombucha," Jason Dilts, a Full Circle spokesman, told the website. "We were very surprised and concerned when we saw the agents wheeling the containers of Kombucha Dog out of the fundraiser."

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