Marriage Contract Demands ISIS Brides Should Have The Right To Be A Suicide Bomber

An ISIS marriage certificate, initiated by a Daesh bride, requests that she be allowed to carry out a “martyrdom operation” or suicide mission, including a suicide bombing, if the ISIS leader is in approval of her request.

Chief international correspondent for Al-Rai Media, Elijah Magnier, offered the following explanation about the marriage certificate to the Independent.

“A woman [living under Isis] has the right to put conditions to accept the marriage. This woman’s condition was that her husband won’t deny her wish to carry a suicide attack, if Amir al Mo’mineen (Baghdadi) accepts her (previous) demand.”

Magnier adds, “She is probably very young and enthusiastic. Her demand to be a ‘martyr’ may have been formulated in an earlier one before her acceptance of a marriage offer. So she kept her ‘desire to be a martyr’ standing and wanted to see it registered.”

ISIS Marriage Contract
The marriage certificate states a husband can't stop his wife from being a suicide bomber if Baghdadi gives her permission. (Photo via The Independent)

According to Magnier, the marriage certificate includes additional clauses if the bride becomes pregnant or has children.

Magnier explains, “Now, she may change her mind if she becomes pregnant or has children, or she may keep her same level of enthusiasm. But, among her girlfriends, she can show off and say: ‘I am still a martyr candidate’.”

In an interview with the Independent, Charlie Winter, a researcher at Quilliam, elaborated on the marriage certificate being distributed among ISIS supporters.

“The certificate does say that the wife’s terms are that of if the caliph consents then she is allowed to go on a martyrdom operation and her husband can’t forbid her from doing so. Nowhere does it refer to ‘orders’, nowhere does it suggest this is actually happening and nowhere does it suggest that this is a regular marriage contract. It was even being circulated among Isis as a curiosity, as something funny.”

Winter said a female ISIS member posted the marriage document on Twitter. Winter suggests the woman was trying to make a point about how unusual the request may appear to some people.

Mr. Winter offered the following explanation to the Independent.

“It’s an obscure expression of feminist jihadism in some sense but what it isn’t is evidence that Isis is ordering brigades of women to carry out bomb attacks. It is not remotely indicative of any orders from among high — that is a complete misreading of it.”

Nonetheless, the marriage certificate is to be signed by the bride and groom. Furthermore, it demands that the husband must not forbid the bride from undertaking a “martyrdom operation,” any suicide mission, including a suicide bombing.

[Featured image via Khaama Press]