A story for men to check their reflex action by

It all started when Taliana Bastos, 28, showed up at Mr. Morais’ work and followed him into his car as he went to start his shift. She first leaned over and bit him and when that didn’t work the way she might have hoped it would she pulled out a six inch kitchen knife and with the words “I’m going to kill you and then I’m going to kill myself” Bastos stabbed the knife into his groin.

“Within seconds she stabbed the knife into his groin,” said Miss Bradley [prosecutor.

“It went in through his jeans, his thermals and his boxer shorts.

“He could immediately feel the pain and the cold of the knife on his penis.”

Source: This Is Lincolnshire

Ms. Bastos of course is denying the attack. why am I getting flashbacks of the whole Bobbit mess in the US?