Baltimore Law Enforcement Officers Caught On Camera Looting During Freddie Gray Riots [Video]

More Baltimore officers have added fuel to the speculative fire. The Baltimore Police Department has been in hot water for the past month over the highly publicized death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. Now it looks like things have gotten worse.

Footage of yet another incriminating incident involving Baltimore law enforcement officers has surfaced. Apparently, two of the city’s correctional officers decided to do more than protect the streets of the metropolitan city amid the violent riots that recently took place. Sadly, this video shows them contributing to the problems the city faced.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the footage captured two Baltimore officers looting a store while rioters and protesters ransacked the establishment. The state Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services has confirmed Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard, both stationed at correctional facilities in the downtown area, were seen looting a downtown 7-Eleven on the night of April 25.

In a video uploaded via YouTube, the 40-second clip captures people inside the convenience store grabbing items and exiting. Both women can be seen running from the store with various items, including Slim Jims and bags of Tostitos chips. Police were able to identify both women based on the shocking footage. They were both wearing similar clothing — blue and back sweatsuits with yellow sneakers, reports the Daily Mail.


Public Safety and Correctional Services Secretary Stephen T. Moyer released a statement regarding the shocking incident. He made it clear that the law enforcement agency has no tolerance for deliberate insubordination.

“We will not allow the vast majority of our employees who are honest and hardworking to be tainted by the actions of a few,” he said.

The Baltimore officers caught looting were arrested on charges of burglary and theft. Cobb and Richard were reportedly processed in Central booking and have bonds set at $35,000.

[Image(s) via Baltimore Police Department]