May 14, 2015
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Can Jerry Jones Make An Adrian Peterson Trade Work Money-Wise?

The Dallas Cowboys currently have running back Darren McFadden as their primary source of rushing offense for the 2015 season. Fans are still hoping that a trade will happen with the Minnesota Vikings to bring Adrian Peterson into town and put a star-studded helmet on him. The thing is, can Cowboys owner Jerry Jones make it happen money-wise?

Also, does he even want it to happen?

Jerry Jones recently announcing that the Cowboys would trade away their 2016 first-round draft pick to make the Cowboys better now -- well, it's started the rumor wheels turning.

"I'd be reluctant to, but certainly if the right situation came along that could improve us now, with where we are with Tony Romo, his career and where we are with what we've put together, it's a good time to go for it."
Some have taken that to mean that the Cowboys could be looking for an heir-apparent for 13-year veteran Tony Romo. Others believe that it means the Cowboys could still take a stab at trying to trade for Peterson.

Still, that would entail the Vikings even wanting to trade Peterson or what they would want for him. The Cowboys have not had the greatest success in trading away first-round picks. IB Times pointed out the 2009 and 2013 drafts, which netted them Roy Williams and other picks.

"It's a bitter pill to swallow... I've done that two times, and I'm telling you, that hurts bad the next draft day."
Comments like that make it seem as if Jones may not end up trading away their first-round pick after all, even if it means bringing in Adrian Peterson. Sports World Report states that Jones believes the Cowboys' run game could be the best ever with McFadden, Ryan Williams, and Joseph Randle.
"When you say the entire running game -- and that would be including our tight ends, including fullbacks, the entire game -- we're better. We're better... Murray certainly is in that thought, but what we've got a chance to do with our depth, what we've got a chance to do with the talent, the competition that we have, and I'm assuming that we can protect (Tony) Romo, which standing here last year, the concerns about his surgeries were more so than today."
Adrian Peterson could have to account for $12.75 million of a team's salary in 2015. There is very little room to work with right now, but the Cowboys have a bit. If pass rusher Greg Hardy's 10-game suspension is upheld, there is a portion of his 11.3 million that won't be used for a while.

By the time Hardy can come back from suspension, the Cowboys could make some cuts here and there to free up more space.

That money could go toward Adrian Peterson, and the Dallas Cowboys could essentially make the trade work. Again, that all depends on if the Minnesota Vikings ever want it to happen and make the rumors come true.

[Image via Vibe]