Cop Filmed Chasing Kids Around Housing Project, See Why The Clip Has Gone Viral [Video]

With the heightened number of fatalities that have been deemed results of police brutality, many Americans cringe when they hear anything about police officers chasing someone — especially when it’s around a housing project. However, this particular incident is the exact opposite of what most might assume. The surprising scene is actually rather heartwarming. Now, footage of the memorable moment has gone viral.

According to ABC News, Bennettsville City Police officer CJ Mullinax was riding through the Bennettsville Housing Authority in his patrol car when he decided to stop and do something spontaneous. Mullinax joined in for a game of football with the kids in the neighborhood.

Footage of the touching scene was filmed by a local resident named Lorenzo Adams. On Tuesday, May 12, Adams was reportedly riding through the neighborhood when he spotted the kids playing with the cops. Immediately, he grabbed his cellphone and began filming.

cop chasing kids

The video was uploaded to Facebook around 5:45 p.m. Adams made sure to write a detailed description, asking viewers to share the video in support of all the good cops around the country.

“Cop in Bennettsville, South Carolina Caught on Video!!!!! Just driving by and witnessed this,,,, had to video Because of all the other videos out there,, please SHARE so people can know what kind of Cops we have in this town!!!!! Not all cops are bad. And we live in a town where we have nothing but good cops from the police chief to the sheriff.”

It definitely didn’t take long before thousands of viewers began sharing it. By Wednesday night, the video had been viewed more than three million times. As of Thursday, May 14, the video is steadily approaching a staggering five million views.

It has garnered so much attention and positive feedback that a local news station even reached out to Mullinax. He simply stated that he just wanted to “hang out with the kids.”

“Kids started waving and I was like, ‘Hey, I have worked hard enough for today, so I’m gonna stop hang out with the kids for a little while,’ ” Mullinax told WPDE-TV.

“Started throwing the ball back and forth, and they wanted to get a game — I had to be all-time quarterback.”

Officers like CJ Mullinax prove there are still good cops in the world!

[Image via Facebook and YouTube Screen Captures]